2012 Chicago Bears Season

It’s upon us! How does everyone feel? It’s always hard to believe each July after seven months of football starvation when a new Chicago Bears season dawns. I love that football is here-but I hate knowing another Chicago winter is right around the corner.

Here are some camp-eve stories.

Wow-Young MC wants Jay Cutler to rap with him. Wow. Knowing Cutler’s public persona, I kind of doubt this is going to happen.

Profootballtalk rates the Bears as their 11th-best team going into the 2012 season. For once, I certainly like our chances.

Joe Cowley of the Sun-Times reminds us that even though we haven’t seen him for seven months, Lovie Smith is still great at talking for 15 minutes and still not saying a thing.

Bears GM Phil Emery says that while his team has improved, they’re still not there yet.

7 Responses to “2012 Chicago Bears Season”

  1. Feels great! Oh good ol’ Lovie, they may as well just stop interviewing the guy.

  2. The best day of the year!! the Bears are back!!

  3. Listened to Brad Biggs on Mully and Hanley this morning (Thanks TuneIn app!) even though I knew there would be nothing to report. The season is upon us!

  4. Funny Perno, I’m never in the position to listen to the radio but I heard that too. It is crazy isn’t it….too bad that means 8 months of depressing Chicago winter is almost on me too.

  5. Looking forward to contributing my thoughts to the blog this season. I was recently passing through Green Bay during vacation and Packer training camp was going on. I really could care less about any other team than The Bears. I crave and bleed the blue and orange here in Wisconsin and can’t wait for opening day. I don’t want to get all caught in the media hype. I just want to enjoy football this fall!

  6. can’t wait for the 1st preseason game, going to be a fun season!!

  7. I’m looking forward to hearing from everyone too-especially you “Mikey”!

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