2012 Chicago Bears Schedule Released

No use in me manually typing the 2012 Chicago Bears schedule here, since it can be obtained from a thousand other places online, like on the Bears website.

My initial thoughts:

- Glad to see another opening day at Soldier Field, which I thoroughly missed from 2005-2009. This year the Bears host the Indianapolis Colts on September 9th at Noon, and hopefully will get a win against a rebuilding team with a rookie quarterback starting his first professional game.

- The Bears then travel to Green Bay for an early-season Thursday night game. Nothing like getting to business quickly.

- Chicago plays at night five times this season. In addition to the aforementioned Thursday night match in Green Bay, they play at Dallas and San Francisco on Monday nights, and host Detroit on another Monday night and Houston on Sunday night.

- We host Minnesota on Thanksgiving weekend, then play there two weeks later.

- Three of the final four games of the season are against NFC North rivals. The Bears host Green Bay on December 16th and finish the season at Detroit on December 30th.

Looking forward to it!

6 Responses to “2012 Chicago Bears Schedule Released”

  1. These are not your thoughts, you are just explaining what is going to happen.

  2. Firstly, there’s plenty of thoughts there, BA, otherwise it would just be the schedule with opponents, dates and times. Really useful comment though. /end sarcasm

    I’ll be at the Jacksonville game most likely, the NFL really knows how to make the league a year-round thing with that dumb 3-hour special on the schedule release, Nike uniform release, the televised draft combine, the draft coming up…OTAs….and we still have about 5 months until any meaningful football is played.

  3. You got a slight typo there Roy! Opening day is Sept 9th, not Sept 5th! Love the site, keep up the great work!

  4. Most of our divisional games are in the last third of the season. Hope we can stay healthy for those. We all remember what happened in the last 6 games last year after some injuries…

  5. Thanks Perno, not too sure what that other comment was supposed to mean either. Perno, just realized you’ll have the good fortune of being close to a game this fall-fantastic. And MTS thanks for pointing out my typo, damn typos! I’ll fix it.

  6. Should be able to get off to a good start w/Indy at home. Interested to see what Marshall do and all the other signings as well. Can’t wait for the draft!!

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