2009 Chicago Bears Draft to round 4.5

Just heard John Gruden say on NFL Network: “with this Bears draft, and throw in Jay Cutler, and I think the Bears are back.”

Of course Gruden is an unemployed coach, but I’ll take what he says.

I caught the pick of Jarron Gilbert before I had to leave the house this morning, and as I think I blogged about earlier in the week, I was puzzled to see him as the team’s first choice with so many other needs to fill.  But as I wanted them to do, the Bears took Mel Kiper’s best available player when they had the chance, so I’ll go with it.  ThenI also heard that this was the guy that jumped out of the pool.  That’s pretty impressive.  I’ll take him.  Commentators called him a definite boom or bust-he’s either going to be a Pro Bowler or out of the league in three seasons.  Let’s hope it’s the former.

Then I had to go to church-because believe me I need churching up, and via blackberry saw receivers flying off the board through round three.  I could only imagine fans lighting up message boards complaining that the Bears would miss on a receiver.  Then they took Juaquin Iglesias from Oklahoma, a guy they had great interest in all along.  I’m personally disappointed safety Rashad Johnson was selected four spots earlier, but that’s the breaks.

In the fourth round and with their first pick in the fifth, the Bears have selected DE Henry Melton, CB DJ Moore and another receiver in Johnny Knox from tiny Abilene Christian (Danieal Manning’s alma mater).  Jerry Angelo either knows more about Abilene than anyone, or he has an unhealthy obsession with the place.  While I hear Knox was the third fastest player in the entire draft, other fifth round receivers the Bears have taken have flopped (Airese Curry 2005) or blossomed after the Bears gave up on them (Justin Gage and Bobby Wade, 2005).

I may be stupid (well I know I’m stupid so there goes that), but I like what the Bears have done so far.  We desperately need a free safety, but it looks like Chicago will count on Josh Bullocks for 2009 and hope to land a major player next year.

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  1. Hey at least the Bears picked up another Vandy product and now have more Vanderbilt players on their team than the rest of the league combined…I think it’s 6 on the Bears and 5 others in the league if I remember correctly. Hopefully that’s a good thing.

  2. Actually 5 on the Bears and 6 in the rest of the NFL put together. Funny, yes!

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