2008 Chicago Bears Schedule

As was reported earlier this week, the Chicago Bears will open the 2008 regular season in a new place-Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, the new venue of the Colts.

To say the new season will open with a tough challenge would be an understatement. One thing I find interesting: why do so many teams schedule the Bears to open their new stadiums? This is just off the top of my head, but the Bears were the first opponent of the following teams in new stadiums:

1996 Carolina (preseason)
1998 Baltimore (preseason)
1998 Tampa Bay (regular season)
2000 Cincinnati (preseason)
2008 Indianapolis (regular season)

Could be more. Interesting.

In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, Mike Mulligan writes about a recent conversation with Lovie Smith. “Our offensive core is still in place,” Smith says. Is that supposed to be reassuring? Sounds like a comment from a man with a guaranteed salary for the next 5 years. Wish I had that kind of job security.

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  1. The obvious answer is the rabid Chicago fanbase, plus I think America generally likes Chicago and the Midwest, whereas lots of people hate New Yorkers or anything LA.

    As for the offense….maybe EVERY SINGLE draftee will make an immediate impact…right? Right?!?!?!

  2. Right! Nicely played.

  3. I think the Bears will be no better than 5-11 this year.

  4. The Bears also opened the Dolphins stadium in 1997 (preseason). I think people might ask for the Bears because the Bears represent tradition. New vs. Tradition.

  5. Good addition. That was actually 1987 though-Joe Robbie Stadium at the time. Jim Harbaugh’s rookie year. Thanks for the feedback.

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