2008 Chicago Bears Schedule

Well….it’s the preseason schedule. And…..not really the schedule, for three of the games anyway. We do know who they are playing for all 4 games, but not the exact date or time for three of them. The Bears and 49ers are scheduled for National TV on Thursday night, August 21st. The official site makes no mention of the fact that this will be the first meeting between the clubs since “Briggs Gate”.

Details on the official site. (My sites, as they will always remain, are “unofficial.” Of course.)

I used to actually have interest in the preseason schedule.  If there was a matchup in a cool city I wanted to visit, back in the days before family life took my free time and money, I might consider traveling for a roadtrip when tickets were easy to score.  And I loved going to the home games for my first taste of football lite, hungry from the offseason.  But with ticket prices rising 5-10% per year the last several years, it’s very hard to swallow attending at full price to see less than full football.

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