2008 Chicago Bears Draft

Not going to have a chance to update the site tomorrow, so this review of the Chicago Bears 2008 draft is written before they make their final three seventh round picks.

Here’s a summary:

Round 1, Pick 14: T Chris Williams, Vanderbilt

Round 2, Pick 44: RB Matt Forte, Tulane

Round 3, Pick 70: WR Earl Bennett, Vanderbilt

Round 3, Pick 90: DT Marcus Harrison, Arkansas

Round 4, Pick 120: S Craig Steltz, LSU

Round 5, Pick 142: CB Zack Bowman, Nebraska

Round 5, Pick 158: TE Kellen Davis, Michigan State

Round 7, Pick 208: DE Ervin Baldwin, Michigan State

Round 7, Pick 222: G Chester Adams, Georgia

With three more picks to go, these are my thoughts.  What are yours?  Post your comments!

  • Similar to 2004, when Tommie Harris fell right into the Bears’ laps, which made me happy, things just lined up for the Bears in the first round.  It had been predicted that as many as five teams might take tackles before the Bears’ first pick came up, but surprisingly only 2 had been taken (Jake Long, Ryan Clady) before Chicago’s pick.  Williams was the consensus third best tackle in the draft and the Bears were able to take the guy they probably wanted all along.  Fantastic.
  • I like the next two picks in Matt Forte and Earl Bennett, guys the Bears had worked out and liked.  The defensive tackle, Bennett, must have been the best player on the board when they took him.  Fine with me, as there is a need at tackle.
  • The fourth-round safety was OK by me too, as the position is thin.
  • Some of the other picks confuse me.  A corner, when we took 2 corners last year and the starters locked up for six years?  The tight end was OK by me as well, with the loss of John Gilmore.  But another defensive end?  Why?
  • Green Bay and Minnesota loaded themselves with quarterbacks I would have liked to see on the Bears: Brian Brohm, Matt Flynn and John David Booty.  Are we going to go into 2008 with just Grossman and Orton?  Seriously?
  • Angelo and company seem to have forgotten that we’re still missing a guard.  Don’t know if the seventh-rounder can really compete.  Looks like it will be John St. Clair there, and I don’t know how good I feel about that.

Your thoughts?

2 Responses to “2008 Chicago Bears Draft”

  1. Ridiculous! I hope Grossman completely falls apart (again) this year to prove what an idiot Angelo is. You need a quarterback! How much more proof do you need? Passing on two quality quarterbacks in the second round is a unforgivable mistake.

  2. Why does Angelo still have a job with the Bears? This is going to bite the Bears in the butt. The Cheeseheads and the Viqueens drafted two quality QB’s what were the Bears thinking if they were thinking at all?

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