2007 Chicago Bears Uniform

Time for my yearly rant about this.? Through my favorite message board at www.cbfans.com, I was able to find out what the Bears’ early season plans for uniform combinations are.? And for the third year in a row, I’m disappointed.

On Sunday at San Diego, the Chargers will be wearing white, forcing the Bears to open in their navy home jerseys.? No problem there.? What frustrates me is that for the third year in a row, Chicago will open the season at home in their white away jerseys on September 16th.

Why does this bother me?? Ever since different home/road uniforms were introduced in the NFL somewhere in the late 1940′s/early 50′s, the Bears have worn their dark jerseys at their home stadium.? In the 1970′s, continuing to the present day, it became somewhat of a fad for teams to wear light-colored jerseys at home (see Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia, others).

The Bears stuck to their tradition-wearing navy at home as their home uniform.? I was pretty apalled in 2005 to see them come out in white for the first time since the early 1940′s at home.? And I’ll be just as apalled to see it this year.? But heck, I’ll still cheer them on.

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