Walter Payton’s Death-Eight Years Today

Thanks to Jason S. for reminding me. I’ve been so busy, I would not have remembered.

I hate to embed a YouTube video, as my Chicago Bears History video collection at is better than theirs, but this is a pretty good one. This aired that night before Monday Night Football on ABC:

We all remember what we were doing that day. Rumors that Payton’s passing was close had been circulating for weeks, but you just didn’t want to believe it. The family did a great job of keeping the situation private, and the media surprisingly allowed it to happen for the most part.

When the news broke, I found out that day that I worked roughly a mile away from Payton’s house. So like many other people, I dropped off flowers in front of his private driveway.

My, how eight years has flown by. I was pretty emotional about it then, and that was before I had two kids of my own to make me reflect on life even more. RIP Sweetness.

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