NFC Championship Trophy Presentation

I was happy to see the New Orleans Saints presented with the George S. Halas Trophy tonight rather than mercenary Brett Favre’s Minnesota Vikings.  Look, I give him credit, he and his team played their hearts out, but good for the Saints.

I have heard some say they don’t want to listen to two weeks of talk about how the Saints have brought New Orleans back from Hurricane Katrina.  I’ll take 7 million of those over two weeks of Favre (body part) slobbering stories.

As happy as I am for the Saints, I was much happier three years ago today when I witnessed this Saints loss:

Come on, isn’t an NFC Championship presentation in the snow and cold more fun?  How time flies, and how quickly things change.

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  1. Tales of two different teams. Saints got back to where they needed to get while the Bears have missed the playoffs year after year. As I do like the Saints, I hope they have different results in the Super Bowl in Miami than the Bears did in Miami.

  2. I’m ready for football without Favre. Time to move on and pass the torch. I’m soooo sick of narcisis stealing the headlines. Glad to see the saints instead of the queens in the SB. Still would like to see the Bears part of the process. Are they even good enough to back into the playoffs next year. I don’t see them being able to make it any other way.

  3. My early prediction for the Bears for 2010 is either 7-9 or 8-8.

  4. I see the Bears finishing anywhere from 7-9 to 9-7. I dont think 9-7 will be enough for them to make the playoffs with the likelihood of the Vikings staying in the 11-13 win area and the Packers also being in that range.

  5. In reality though, based on the fact the Bears cant manage to sign any coordinators for a lame duck season of Lovie Smith. It would be best for the Bears to go 1-15, get the #1 pick, fire Lovie, fire Angelo, fire Ted Phillips (ha!), and get a whole new regime in. Thats all wishful thinking though.

  6. Make no mistake about it, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the queens and diva dip%$*& Favre choke away a Super Bowl berth with his ego once again playing the starring role in his team’s season ending playoff meltdown. Did he play hurt and bring them within a few yards of the Super Bowl? Yep, he sure did. But the bottom line and the only thing that matters is his awful end of game decision and stubborn belief he’s always the smartest one on field that can still make the play no one else can, cost them the game, plain and simple.

    You look at the overall numbers, and there’s no way the Saints should have won the game, but they did. And yes, agreed, I’ll sure take two weeks of New Orleans stories over two weeks of vomiting seeing Jared Allen and Favre interviews. All of Joe Buck’s slobbering about Favre was about what I expected, though I really thought Fox could have done more to give us an additional 10-15 camera shots of Deanna Favre’s reactions in the stands. I think that would have really made the broadcast a lot better. I also stayed up for hours watching the postgame, anxiously awaiting Deanna to take the podium to offer her views on what her husband had done on that fateful pick, but sadly, she was nowhere to be found.

    Last, I heard one of the most confusing and ridiculous interviews this morning from Dan Pompei, who is outraged at the “unfair” coin flip and set of rules overall for overtime games. Dan was upset that the queens didn’t get a “fair” chance to win because they lost the flip. I think it’s a prerequisite that Tribune football columnists whine about something every couple of weeks. But whining about overtime playoff rules that are “unfair” to the queens? Come one, give us a break.

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