New Mike Ditka Biography

I had a day off work Friday, my “real job”, and instead of enjoying the summer what did I do?? I ripped off four new Chicago Bears Player stories.? See, that’s dedication. First up is a Mike Ditka biography, available now at Please check it out, and don’t forget to come back here to leave comments.

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  1. One biography I read said Ditka wasn’t rebuffed by Penn State, but rather stolen from them by Pitt. The story goes that Ditka wanted to become an orthodontist and the the University of Pittsburgh had one of the better programs in the country at that time. That’s supposedly how he decided on Pitt after having verbally commited to Penn State.

  2. Hawk, you may be right about that, you’re ringing a bell. I’ll review it-thanks for the heads-up!

  3. By the way- it’s a seemingly thankless job you do between this and you original site; spending your time immersed in Bears lore, telling the tales and such. Let it no longer be thankless. Thank you.

  4. Well Hawk, you’re my only poster these days, so I thank you! Hopefully as the season gets closer we’ll get some more interest in the blog.

  5. Well, Hawk gave me some extra work tonight. Thanks Hawk, for pointing out my mistake–I hate to put out erroneous information. The story is fixed. What a story, but outside the scope of my article. Ditka had verbally committed to Penn State, but Pitt got him alone and swung him due to their dental program. Then they hid him and another player out by Lake Erie until a few days after classes started. Penn State people came to Pitt’s campus looking for him but couldn’t find him. Thanks again Hawk!

  6. Hi Mike,
    I first met you when you and two other Pitt Panther teammates turned my dorm bed upside down in the Schenley Hotel dorm thinking it was the prevous year’s roommate. It was my first night staying at the dorm and I hadn’t yet met my roommate whom you guys knew and that it would be fun to turn his bed upside down on him. You got around the corner in the 7th floor hallway before I offered to retaliate against my attacker(s). When the three of you came into sight, I decided what you had done was funny and that I really didn’t want to beat the ____ out of your group. We then became friends and I’ve lost touch of you, Cunningham, Clark and Cox (I think that’s the names of your teammates, but it has been a number of years in between. Let me know if you would like to meet up sometime, which i would really enjoy. Best of luck today and when the Bears meet the Steelers in this years Super Bowl. Regards—Lee Purnell

  7. mike tice needs to cover his face ,if pack has a lipreader,he can tell what tice is saying to the booth

  8. Lori Anne Perry on March 24th, 2012 at 2:16 am

    The story is seemed as if Michael had wrote it himself, very straight forward, very defined, very following with the amount of information that, I like to read in a bio. The type of information that states, informative with swordplay to make a reader keep searching for the next unrestrained word to hear in views eye the determination and truth of fact to issue, the name of: Michael Keller Ditka Jr. The humble yet fancy of the terms of kin of nature to the career, he built to establish himself with heart and mind to build a longing of place to keep his number alive, off the field without drudgery of his work being knavery to his name, but a compliment to his legendary, to knob a tubercle up rise, yet to knave his own name.
    I await his highest lumpish enamored title boldness in his career that should be in terms more years to arrive to fact a forsaken love, of Foot Ball.
    This is from his Lady, whom loves him, for is eternity of many more years.
    Thank you, Lori Anne Perry

  9. Mike Ditka is without a doubt “DaBear”. This was represented by the retirement of his jersey tonight during the Bear/Cowboys game.

    Go Mike. “the true “DaBear”

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