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Wow, is Bears news slow right now. I guess that’s a good thing, being the offseason that means no player has been arrested or is facing their latest paternity suit at this time.

All I could find of any consequence today was a pretty cool NFL Films video of Neal Anderson on YouTube. I’m posting the link to the message board thread where it’s discussed, to give credit to those who initially found it. This video was obviously made after the 1989 season, just as Anderson was hitting his peak. This was when football commentators routinely shared the opinion that Anderson and Brad Muster made up the best backfield combination in the NFL.

Anderson and Muster had their greatest combined seasons in 1990, when Anderson led the team in rushing with 1078 yards and 10 touchdowns. Muster added 664 yards rushing and led the team in pass receptions with 42. In 1991 and ’92, both Muster and Anderson began to suffer from chronic, nagging injuries, and Muster would be gone following 1992, and Anderson after the 1993 season.

I still have fond memories of both. From a friend of mine that is very involved in the Gainesville, FL, community, I hear that Anderson keeps busy in his retirement there. Muster is an assistant football and golf coach at Santa Rosa Junior College.

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  1. Hey Roy,

    Any idea of where they might sell a Neal Anderson throwback jersey? The only Bears throwback jerseys that I’ve seen sold in stores are Dick Butkus, Walter Payton, and William Perry.

  2. Jesse-Nowhere would be selling anything like that new. Even Mitchell & Ness only sells Payton, Sayers and Butkus throwbacks. Keep your eye out on E-Bay, or just get one made custom at would be my suggestions. I bought an authentic early 90′s Harbaugh jersey on E-Bay a few years back. Too bad it’s way too small for my frame, so it’s hanging on a wall. Best of luck. Thanks for reading.

  3. Man, Neal Anderson looked good. Made the ProBowl 4 years in a row according to

    I’m 29 years old and Brad Muster is one of my favorite all-time Bears. Too bad he was injured so often, I loved watching him play.

    I agree with Roy, Jesse. You’d have to get it custom made, then they charge you an additional fee because it’s a former player.

  4. Thanks guys. I just figured it would be a cool item to obtain. I remember I had some of the old Starting Line-Up figures by Kenner from the late 80s/early 90s. I had an Anderson and Jim McMahon figures. God knows whatever happened to them, some 18-19 years removed

  5. dallasbearsfan on July 10th, 2008 at 11:15 am

    Hate to brag, but I still have my authentic 1988 Neal Anderson Wilson jersey that I bought at Merle Harmon’s Fan Fair. Still fits me after all these years.

  6. Sorry to beat a dead horse (Favre’s retirement) but the buzz in Cheeseland is Favre will move to Minnesota or CHICAGO! Just wondering what bearshistory thought of that? And I do apologize if you’ve addressed this is the Favre post which I haven’t read lately!

  7. So does anybody know what he’s doing or have any recent pictures?

  8. So Neal if your reading this, hit me up. Let me know what your up to these day

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