Neal Anderson Chicago Bears

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  1. I believe Neal Anderson was one of the most unappreciated players in Bears history. The guy had to take on the daunting task of replacing the legendary HOF runner Walter Payton. Chicago fans were spoiled for so long with Sweetness toting the rock that they forget the life span of running backs are generally pretty short. I don’t believe anybody could have done it better and no runner since has been as successful as Neal was. He was a true Chicago Bear.

  2. Amen brother. I loved watching #35 play and thought he did an exceptional job coming in after the great Walter Payton.

  3. i belive neal was a great runnin back i agree with both of yall. he graduated from the high i go to and was the greatest runnin back ever there and set all kinds of records at florida

  4. Brings back some good memories readin this I was fairly young but remember Neal pretty good,#35 is still one of my favorite numbers because of him

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