Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game 16B

Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game #16B since 1979

Bears 44, Cowboys 0: November 17, 1985

The Bears were 10-0 entering this game.  Many “experts,” still not buying into the 1985 Bears, wanted to see Chicago beat a “tough” team before they would believe the Bears were for real.  So when they visited “America’s Team,” 7-3 Dallas, the chance was there.

The Bears didn’t just beat the Cowboys.  They didn’t just crush them.  They seemingly pounded them into a powder on the Texas Stadium turf.  When the game was over and the scoreboard read 44-0 Bears, there remained few doubters of the Bears’ legitimacy.

The only time this looked like an actual contest was in the first quarter, which closed with a 7-0 Bears lead following Richard Dent’s rebound of a tipped pass for a touchdown.  In the second quarter, Kevin Butler added a field goal and Mike Richardson returned an interception for a 36-yard score.  With a 17-0 lead, the offense finally got into the act on a sneak by quarterback Steve Fuller, and the Bears led 24-0 at the half.

Strange for a game with so much scoring, in the third quarter the Bears could only manage a field goal.  But in the fourth the floodgates opened, and reserve running backs Dennis Gentry and Calvin Thomas both rushed for touchdowns, ending the scoring at 44 points for the good guys.

The carnage on the Cowboy’s side of the field was nearly unprecedented.  The Bears amassed five sacks and four interceptions on beleaguered Cowboy quarterbacks Danny White and Gary Hogeboom.  White was actually knocked from the game and laid motionless for some time after ferocious hits by Otis Wilson and Mike Singletary.

After this game, average fans, along with the experts, would be referring to a new team from the north as “America’s Team.”

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  1. “The Bears didn’t just beat the Cowboys. They didn’t just crush them. They seemingly pounded them into a powder on the Texas Stadium turf.”

    This one is too good!

    Thanks for the huge laugh Roy!

  2. To this day it kills me that this was one of the ’85 games I didn’t see. Being a brand-new 8-year old Bears fan, I had little to no appreciation for just how HUGE this was to beat the perennial power DALLAS COWBOYS. IN DALLAS. Without McMahon. By a 44-0 MARGIN! No wonder the ’85 Bears were the talk of the country as an all-timer of a team after wins like this.

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