Mike Ditka Memories

I can’t get enough of Mike Ditka: A Football Life.  It’s DVR’ed in my house, and I’ll be watching it many times.  I highly recommend for Bears fans to find a way to watch it.

Ditka’s last closing words in the film, quintessential Ditka:

“You gotta live in the moment.  I don’t care what you’ve done in your life, it has nothing to do with what you’re gonna do or what you can do.  The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery.  But today is a gift-that’s why they call it the present.”

Thanks for once again inspiring me, Coach.

Seeing this brought back so many memories, those were good years in my life when Mike Ditka ruled Chicago.  When Walter Payton retired, Ditka was fired, and (as I thought at the time) when the Bears finally got rid of Jim Harbaugh, I was always looking forward to a better future.  Now I’d long to see any of those guys playing or coaching for the Bears again.

Not just with the Bears, but in life, there isn’t always a better future.  So we have to try to savor today.  Hopefully I’m learning, and Da Coach can continue to help me along.

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  1. Amen…what coulda, shoulda, woulda been “our” dynasty, ended way to quick. I think Ditka knows that.

  2. Lori Anne Perry on December 4th, 2011 at 7:28 am

    In today is that of the future in tomorrow is that of what is to plan the destiny, in the past is the wisdom not to have re-accure to harm what is of eternity worth. I Love my male, Michael Jr. Ditka. In his quote: You have to live in the moment – “He is stating live within the best of what can be without giving up any part of your heart”. In his quote – I don’t care what you have done in your life. It doesn’t have anything with what you have done or what you are to do. The past is history, tomorrow is a mystery – “He was stating, (In your future, plan for what is yet to come) He didn’t mean to forget the trophies of life earned. In he stating – That the past is history, tomorrow is a mystery. – (Take plan of your desires for tomorrow may hold exactly what you want. Instead of what can be taken by a desolution lesser then. Make tomorrow your dream, and today the future plan of its destiny. Michael Ditka Jr. didn’t make history by allowing the surrounding in other take hold of his future. He captured his deal to life by making his own goals to attain. With out wearing someone else number, if you can attain the knowledge to comprehend what I am stating. In life one doesn’t attain through thinking or stealing from others, but the true value of life is to be the unique choice to be the number everyone remembers to watch in view. To allow someone to be the best without undo bridges, or destruction of nature of unfair means or conjour to fate. In his values are those of being the best with the best decision to make possible. What he wants to attain, Is what his time give him to take choice of within his own name and work. The right decision get the best money in life, of value with morals and intelligent manor. Only a tramp takes other lives to have their own, you will not see that in him. I will be the judge to not allow that.

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