Drunken Bears Fans

Think you had a bad day? See what CBS-2′s legend John Drummond had to go through in January 1987 outside Soldier Field. This is hilarious. Thanks to my co-worker/friend/big Bears fan Jeff for sending this to me.

Oh, and Howard Sudberry? Dude, wonderful stache and perm. Wow! Sorry, I know I didn’t look all that handsome in 1987 either, but wow.

4 Responses to “Drunken Bears Fans”

  1. This is a classic Chicago broadcast moment. the “fo’c’sle on on a tramp steamer” comment is priceless. “Bulldog” Drummond is a Chicago icon. Ever watch his reports on any mob-related news story? He always goes out of his way to mention all the mob nicknames — the Clown, No Nose, the Indian, etc. It’s hilarious. Oh and I think the Bulldog traded this live report for a couple of tickets (“ducats” as he called them) on the 50-yard line.

  2. Bunch of nutcases!

  3. HA! I love the Bulldog. “Ok now, knock it off!”

  4. Here is another good one!

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