Curse of the Honey Bears

The Honey BearsI don’t truly believe in curses, even as a Cubs and Bears fan. And I don’t remember anyone associated with the Honey Bears saying anything about the team not going back to the Super Bowl after their contract wasn’t renewed for 1986.

I enjoyed watching the Honey Bears immensely when I was a little kid going to Bears games with my Dad. I thought they were a cool part of the package of being a Bears fan. But for whatever reason, “ownership” of the Bears will only say that they don’t think cheerleaders are a proper part of football. Right after the announcement in 1985, the team officially answered the question of “why” with a question. “Have cheerleaders become passe?” 30 years later, I’d say they haven’t.

What do you think?

4 Responses to “Curse of the Honey Bears”

  1. Other NFL teams without a professional cheerleading squad have won Super Bowls. But to eliminate the squad at the height of the team’s success is a symptom of bad management. The Bears were a poorly managed team. That’s main reason why the only won one Super Bowl in the 80′s.

  2. Well said Rob. McCaskey intervention. As someone said in the program tonight-George Halas would be spinning in his grave (long ago).

  3. I for one I’m glad the Bears don’t have cheerleaders. Being from the UK I’m somewhat of an outsider looking in on American sports but the Bears are one of the founding members of the NFL and as such don’t need fancy gimmicks like cheerleaders. Keep all that jazz for the teams trying to catch the Bears on history.

  4. I’ve always been kind of happy that the Bears didn’t have cheerleaders also. I feel like it makes the Bears feel like a more classy organization. A small feeling, but nonetheless. It’s not like I can’t see cheerleaders elsewhere if I really want to.

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