Chicago Bears Ring of Honor: Johnny Morris

Halfback/flanker Johnny Morris is the latest addition to the Chicago Bears Ring of Honor.

Morris began his career as a halfback but was moved to wide receiver (flanker in the parlance of the day), and became the Chicago Bears’ all-time leading receiver.  Morris’ move to flanker happened in 1961 and his statistics steadily increased.  He led the NFL during his best season, 1964, with 93 catches for 1200 yards and 10 touchdowns.  In the great offensive year of 1965 the numbers began to decline until the end of his career in 1967.  In all, Morris caught 356 passes for 5,059 yards and 31 touchdowns, enough to still top the Chicago Bears’ receiving charts 42 years following his retirement.  Those of us that grew up in the Chicago area during the Mike Ditka era will always remember Morris being Mike Ditka’s right hand man on Bears coverage, serving as sports anchor for WBBM television for years.

3 Responses to “Chicago Bears Ring of Honor: Johnny Morris”

  1. He was also a commentator for many Bears games on CBS in the early-mid 80′s.

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