Chicago Bears Ring of Honor: Coming Up

We’re done.  I’ve always wished the Bears would create a true Ring of Honor.  Teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and (God forbid) the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys have inducted players into a Ring of Honor, and they actually ring the inside of the stadium with said player’s names.  I think that’s cool.  The Bears do not do this.

What the Bears did do in 2003 with the opening of the new stadium was put up some pictures of their Hall of Fame players, and these photos hang above the concession stands throughout the inside of the stadium.  They call this their Ring of Honor.  “Honor the greats while you pay $18 for a bad hotdog and beer” or something to that effect.

Several months back, we added a Chicago Bears Ring of Honor section to, and added short bios on the 26 Bears Hall of Fame members.  Starting Monday, we will be introducing 15 additional players that have made the cut for initial entry into the Chicago Bears Ring of Honor. I guess if the Bears organization won’t do it, we will.

Keep an eye on the blog and the site.  We’ll introduce three new players per week from next week through the start of training camp.

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  1. Just read through all the inductees thus far…nicely done, Roy. Hard to believe one of the NFL’s most storied franchises doesn’t have a “real” Ring of Honor. I’m glad you are building one here. As always, a great site with great content. Keep ‘em coming, Roy! GO BEARS!!!

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