Chicago Bears Invented Gatorade Shower

Despite the fact that I’ve almost been awake for 24 hours, I received a challenge today and decided to make good on it. Apparently in January 2008 I reminded everyone that the first Gatorade Shower occurred in 1984 when the Bears clinched their first division title.

The New York Giants have claimed over the years that in 1986 they were the first team to do this. Steve McMichael wrote in his book “Tales from the Chicago Bears Sidelines” that the Bears did it in ’84, and I remember watching that live as a (very excited) 13 year old.

Today a poster commented on that, saying they’re still waiting for the proof.

And here it is, courtesy of the 1984 Chicago Bears highlight film “Fight to the Finish.”

Boom roasted.

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  1. Yes, I remember reading that in Mongo’s book as well. That defense changed the game. Cool video also.

  2. Also remember, in 1986 the Cleveland Browns started their barking and adopting the “Dog Pound” motif. This was directly taken from Otis Wilson and the Bears LB core.

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