Bill Walsh almost coached Bears?

I used to have contempt for legendary 49ers coach Bill Walsh, who passed away Monday morning.? Probably mainly because I thought Mike Ditka had contempt for him.? But Mike Ditka didn’t have contempt for Bill Walsh.

Actually, I knew Walsh had been battling leukemia, but didn’t know he was close to dying.? “We” in the general public never do.? But the moral to my story is that I heard last year that when he finished one of his chemo treatments, the first thing he wanted to do was to go have margaritas.? He never seemed like my kind of guy, but it turns out he sounded like my kind of guy.

Don Pierson of the Chicago Tribune wrote a phenomenal article about Walsh today, revealing that Bill Walsh almost was hired by the Bears.? The article also mentions that Walsh perfected his offense with former Bear QB Virgil Carter.? Who would have known?

I like to think I know my Chicago Bears History, but I’m also not afraid to admit when I have no clue about something.? Great article. Rest in Peace, Bill, and have a margarita for me where they must taste better than anywhere on Earth.

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