Bears History Presentation November 9th

On Tuesday November 9th, join the author for a 90-minute Chicago Bears photo presentation on the 91 years of Bears History at Evergreen Park Public Library.  Starts at 7 p.m.; signed copies of Chicago Bears History will be available.  Packed with many photos never before published, the book makes a great holiday gift!

6 Responses to “Bears History Presentation November 9th”

  1. Sounds like fun, let us know when your tour makes it to Tampa, FL! :)

  2. Great idea Perno! Let’s find a public library to pay for my trip :). Now that the dems are out of the house, guess I shouldn’t expect for public money to be around for that :(.

  3. … and then to France! there may not be much of a crowd here, but hey, if you can find the funding…
    Note: because of government bankruptcy, don’t expect public money here either ;)

  4. You have no idea Sven, if I ever get to France I may never leave. I live vicariously through Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern and the like. All of us western democracies seem to be having these debt problems…so you’re not alone there.

  5. I didn’t know those guys Roy, are they Bears fans? I guess they only show the culinary side of France and omit to tell you that there is virtually no football here and that those *** night games here start at 2AM, 2AM!!!

  6. Those guys are Travel Channel celebrity hosts over here Sven…I drool for 60 minutes whenever they tour and eat around France.

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