Bears at Seahawks 2007

A couple of interesting sites on the Seahawks. Did you know that in 1976 when Seattle and Tampa entered the league, Tampa went to the AFC West and Seattle joined the NFC West, then the following year Seattle moved to the AFC West and Tampa to the NFC Central? More info on that at the Seahawks Wikipedia page.

More info on Seattle/Tampa’s first season on Bolding Sports Research. This guy has a great nonprofit site like mine created out of sheer passion for the subject.

I don’t make Bears predictions. If the Bears lose, people can say there is still hope if Chicago wins every remaining game to finish 10-6. Believe that if you wish.

As always, do I think the Bears can beat the Seahawks? Sure. But do we know whether Rex Grossman will throw 4 touchdowns or 4 interceptions? No, but based on experience I’d lean toward the latter. And will the defense show up inspired or flat?

Anyone’s guess.

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