54th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game

54th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game since 1979

Bears 35, Eagles 3: October 4, 1987

Nothing about the play on the football field was particularly interesting in this game, as the competition was between football players no fan had heard of just weeks before.  This was the first 1987 game played following the player’s strike that was called following the second game of the season.

Bears quarterbacks Mike Hohensee and Sean Payton (yes, the Sean Payton that coaches the New Orleans Saints) combined for 208 passing yards and three touchdowns, and Mike Ditka‘s Bears would beat Buddy Ryan’s Philadelphia Eagles for the second straight year, this time by the score of 35-3.

But the real story was outside the stadium on gameday, and in the press the preceeding week.  While Ryan sided with the striking NFL union players, Ditka declared that the “real Bears” were the “scab” players that were on the field.  This obviously did nothing to endear Ditka to the likes of Walter Payton, Gary Fencik and Mike Singletary.  On game day the situation was a powder keg outside the stadium, with members of local Philadelphia unions intimidating fans that tried to attend the game.  As a result, less than 4,000 fans attended the game at Veteran’s Stadium.  Must have been a site to see, and that’s the reason this stinker of a football game was one of the most memorable.

When complete, all games will be listed in the Greatest Chicago Bears games article on Chicago Bears History.

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