44th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game

44th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game since 1979

Bears 29, Colts 13: September 7, 2008

NBC billed the opening Sunday Night Football matchup of the 2008 season as a rematch of the 2006 Super Bowl, won by the Colts.  Many Bears followers simply yawned, not thinking the Bears led by quarterback Kyle Orton would have a chance of matching up against Peyton Manning and crew.

Aside from an exciting 50-yard rushing touchdown by rookie running back Matt Forte, the first half was mostly a grudge match.  Outside of Forte’s run, the most exciting event was the Bears defensive line stuffing Colt back Joseph Addai in his own end zone for a safety.  These points along with two Robbie Gould field goals gave the Bears a 15-6 halftime lead.

An amazing Bears defensive resurgence continued in the second half, capped by Lance Briggs returning a fumble for a touchdown.  To the shock of many, the Bears christened the opening of Lucas Oil Stadium with a 29-13 defeat of their hosts.

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  1. I remember this game (IT was only two years ago) Nearly everyone said the Colts would easily beat the Bears. There was one person who said they would win and if I recall correctly, it was you.

  2. How nice of you to remember. Strange, I didn’t think they would be very good in 2008, but I just thought they would win in Indy. Manning being gimpy probably helped my thinking, and I do think that played a role. But not one of the “experts” thought it could happen in a million years.

  3. Unfortunately I was a big doubter that this would happen too, let alone by 16 points. In fact, I remember asking fellow Bears fans before that game “How many points OVER 40 are the Colts going to win by?”

    Some fan I was…

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