43rd Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game

43rd Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game since 1979

Bears 36, Vikings 30: December 28, 2009

This game mirrored Brett Favre’s last visit to Soldier Field, that one as a Packer in 2007.  The weather was brutally cold, Favre’s team was dominating the NFC and the Bears were going nowhere but to their homes for the playoffs.

The Bears jumped all over the Vikings in this Monday Night Football matchup, leading the Vikings 16-0 at halftime and 23-6 in the third quarter.  Favre wasn’t quite as shaken by the cold weather as he was in ’07, but the Bears defense rattled him the whole game, While the Bear defense did their best to allow Favre to get back in the game, spreading the ball around to his receivers for 321 total yards passing, the Chicago offense woke up for the first time, as Jay Cutler connected with receiver Devin Aromashodu seven times for 150 yards and one long touchdown.

Despite the deficit, Minnesota tied the game at 30 at the end of regulation.  Thanks to a fumble by Viking running back Adrian Peterson, the Bears were able to recover and then win the game on a 39-yard touchdown pass from Cutler to Aromashodu.  With the touchdown, the Bears pulled off a 36-30 upset.  In the process, the Bears kept the Vikings from owning home field advantage through the playoffs, probably helping keep them out of Super Bowl 44.

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  1. There is a discrepancy between the scores in your post: one says the final score was 36-30 (at the top of the post), and near the bottom it says it was 33-30.

  2. u made mistake bears didnt kick field goal after peterson s fumble it was tochdown pass jayctler to Devin Arshrou # 19 wr of the bears

  3. Oh man….I remember games from 30 years ago better than 8 months ago! Thanks for putting me in my place guys. Seriously.

  4. Was nice to see this entry coincide with its NFL Network replay this past weekend.

    This game was a pleasant surprise at the end of a disappointing 2009.

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