37th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game

37th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game since 1979

Bears 23, Packers 21: December 18, 1983

This was the coldest game in Soldier Field history, before being surpassed by the Bears-Packers contest in 2008.  The temperature hovered at 0 degrees for the whole game, and the Packers would need a victory to squeak into the playoffs.

While the Bears had no playoffs on the line, they wanted to end the season on a strong note.  While they began the season 3-5, they had won four of their last five.  A win on this day would give them five wins in their final six games.

The Bears struck first on a 35-yard touchdown pass to Willie Gault from Jim McMahon.  Then the Packers scored two touchdowns to lead 14-7 at halftime.  The Bears scored twice more, leading 20-14 in the fourth quarter, but a failed extra point attempt was the difference after the Packers took a 21-20 lead.

Then began a scoring march that would begin a long thread of frustration for Green Bay, and signal the beginning of one of the greatest eras for the Bears.  In the frigid cold, McMahon would drive the Bears down the field until Bob Thomas kicked the game-winning 22 yard field goal.

The Packers were eliminated from playoff contention after the loss, while the Bears would continue their uphill march to Super Bowl 20 in 1984.  In the wake of the disappointment, the Packers fired longtime coach Bart Starr and would replace him the following season with Forrest Gregg.

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  1. I was at this game. IT was so cold the stadium was only about 60% full.

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