35th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game

35th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game since 1979

Steelers 37, Bears 34: November 5, 1995

The 1995 Bears fielded an offense like none other seen in Chicago since the days of Sid Luckman.  Coming into this November 5th game, the 6-2 Bears were on a four-game winning streak and looked as if they’d be a cinch to make the playoffs.

What dogged this Bears team was its passing defense, particularly on third down.  The Steelers and quarterback Neil O’Donnell took full advantage of this.

The game was a back-and-forth contest in which either team never led by more than seven points at a time.  While the Bears defense stepped up with clutch plays like a Barry Minter interception return for a touchdown, they were burned repeatedly by the Steelers converting first downs on third and very long.

Bear kicker Kevin Butler missed a field goal that would have won it for the Bears, then Pittsburgh kicker Norm Johnson finally put it away with a 24-yard field goal to clinch the win.

The Bear loss led to Chicago losing four of their next five games, and they missed the playoffs after starting so strong.

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  1. This truly was the 1995 turning point game. Not only did the Bears enter a losing streak after this loss, it also seemed to revitalize the Steelers who were either 3-4 or 4-4 at the time, and then finished 11-5.

    The Bears’ 1995 offense was certainly the strongest and best-balanced I’ve ever seen over the course of an entire season. Would have been interesting to see if adding Raymont Harris would have made the O even better.

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