33rd Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game

33rd Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game since 1979

Bears 17, Dolphins 14: November 13, 1994

The 1994 Miami Dolphins were in the waning years of Don Shula’s reign.  Dan Marino was still their quarterback, and while Miami was seemingly always in transition, they were still strong.  Indeed, the Dophins would finish 10-6 that season and win a playoff game.

This day was muggy, with offshore storms threatening all day.  It was a strange day on the field as well.  One of the stranger plays of the day was a Donnell Woolford interception, after which he ran from one side of the field to the other on a lengthy return, only to fumble the ball back to the Dolphins.

The Bears also scored a touchdown on a strange “swinging gate” field goal formation, when receiver Curtis Conway threw a touchdown pass that bounced in the air several times until hauled in for the score by tight end Keith Jennings.

Surprisingly, the Bears led 14-6 in the fourth quarter, until Miami tied the game.  The Bears again regained the lead on a Kevin Butler field goal.  Miami threatened one more time at the end of the game, but a last-second field goal attempt by the Dolphins’ Pete Stoyanovich was blocked by Chicago tackle James “Big Cat” Williams, preserving the win.

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  1. I remember this game. “Big Cat” sure had some huge paws. I’d be interested to know how many extra points/field goals he blocked with those mittens.

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