28th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game

28th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game since 1979

Bears 20, Giants 17: September 15, 1991

By 1991, Mike Ditka’s Bears were growing old and looked to be wearing out on the field.  The offensive line was fading, offensive specialists were becoming injury prone and/or possessed limited skills, and the defense was in decline as well.  But those 1991 Bears were certainly scrappy.  This would be seen for the first of many times in the game against the Giants.

On opening day the Bears pulled out a gutty 10-6 win over the Vikings, then trounced the typically weak Buccaneers in Tampa.  In the season’s third week they hosted the world champion New York Giants, the team that forcibly kicked the Bears out of the playoffs the year before.

The Bears led the Giants 13-0 at halftime on two Kevin Butler field goals and a 75-yard touchdown on a long fade pattern from Jim Harbaugh to Wendell Davis.  But the Giants roared back in the second half, pulling ahead 17-13 after a Matt Bahr field goal and two rushing touchdowns from Rodney Hampton.  While the defense was hurting after halftime, they did pull off an amazing goal-line stand, stopping Hampton on successive plays inside the Bear one-yard line.  With time ticking down, the Bears had to score a touchdown, and did just that when Neal Anderson turned on his speed for a 42-yard touchdown rush, punctuated with a dive to hit the pylon for the last yard.

But the Giants weren’t done.  They drove into field goal range to attempt the game-tying kick on the game’s final play.  None other than William “Refrigerator” rose to block the kick and save the game.

This would be the first of many thrilling comeback wins for the 1991 Bears.

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  1. This is the season that Tecmo Super Bowl is set in, right?

    I remember having to play the Giants in the 3rd game of the season, and that always being a big challenge. Friggin’ computer always made the Giants break off a couple of unfair TD runs.

  2. I think Tecmo had a couple of seasons, I think it even went to ’92. But you’re probably right. I could never get into Tecmo for the reasons you mention, it just wasn’t realistic enough for me. Madden ’93 was a Godsend to me. I used to love to bowl people over with the Brad Muster high step. Still LOVE that game. As a matter of fact, I may have to get the Genesis out!

  3. Great game to have on this list, Roy! This win turned out to be not too big a deal since NYG finised 8-8, but at the time it felt like a monumental triumph over the defending champs. Only other memory I have of this game is that it was a hot & humid day – heat index near 100, which is what made it so surprising that the Fridge was the FG-blocker – you’d think he’d be out of gas at that point! Our 1990 and 1991 teams weren’t elite, but there sure were some exciting wins and finishes.

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