22nd Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game

22nd Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game since 1979

Packers 12, Bears 6: September 7, 1980

The 1980 editions of the Bears and Packers were pretty bad.  The Bears would finish the season 7-9, the Packers 5-10-1.  But it was opening day, and a fresh new season was upon both franchises at Lambeau Field.  Through four quarters each team could only muster two field goals apiece, and the game went to overtime tied 6-6.

In overtime, the Packers got things going in the passing game, which had been stymied by the Bears for most of the day.  A long pass from Packer quarterback Lynn Dickey to receiver James Lofton set up a 34-yard field goal try with nine minutes remaining.  According to D’Amato and Christl’s Mudbaths and Bloodbaths, Bear defensive lineman Alan Page thought he would block the kick, and he was right.  As the ball was kicked, Bear players on the field heard a thud and were relieved.  But they were confused when they heard the Lambeau crowd cheering.  Once they were able to turn around and see, the first sight was of Packer kicker Chester Marcol crossing the goal line for the winning touchdown.

The kick Page blocked had bounced right back into the bespectacled Marcol’s hands, and with no other choice, he scrambled 25 yards in for the touchdown.  On the event, Bear Hall of Famer Dan Hampton said “We bat the ball back, and that little weasel runs it in.  It was like bursting a balloon.”

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