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Lovie SmithCompleted the 2012 Chicago Bears Season page at Bearshistory.com over the weekend.

An air of change, perhaps never before seen in the 93-year existence of the Chicago Bears organization, settled into Halas Hall in January 2012. Perhaps the major change in 2012 would have been limited to one, had the Bears continued the prosperity they enjoyed during a 7-1 start to the season.
But they didn’t.

After the 7-1 start, when the Bears led the NFC North Division and seemed to be an absolute playoff lock, the team finished 3-5 down the stretch. On December 31st it was announced that ninth-year coach Lovie Smith, who had reportedly turned down a two-year contract extension earlier in the season, was fired.

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  1. Hallo!

    There is a mistake in this sentence:
    Shortly thereafter, Bears offensive line coach and former Vikings head coach Mike Martz was promoted to the role.

    regards Fritz
    Austrian bearfan

  2. Fritz-THANK YOU for helping with my editing. Seriously. A couple slip by and I wouldn’t have known without you letting me know. Tell us more about you-we know Bear fans in the UK and France, we haven’t heard of anyone in Austria yet. Fantastic! Drop me a line sometime. Thanks again.

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