2009 Chicago Bears

Our 2009 Chicago Bears page at www.BearsHistory.com is complete.  Here’s the first few paragraphs:

Urbandictionary.com has many definitions for the phrase “epic fail”, which we take it from the young people is a newer addition to the English lexicon. One of the better definitions is:

“A mistake of such monumental proportions that it requires its own term in order to successfully point out the unfathomable shortcomings of an individual or group.”

To us, that’s a pretty good way to describe the 2009 Chicago Bears season. The team entered 2009 with the second-to-easiest schedule in the National Football League, and a new quarterback with skills not possessed by a Chicago Bears quarterback in perhaps 60 years. Bears General Manager Jerry
Angelo made several shrewed moves in free agency to assemble what were thought to be the final pieces needed to eek out at least a playoff berth while the core players left from the 2006 Super Bowl season had the least bit of talent left in them. Many were sure the Bears would at least clinch a playoff berth. But instead, fans were forced to endure perhaps the most disappointing season against expectations in 90 years of Bears football.

Entering the season finale of the 2008 campaign, the Bears were poised to clinch a wildcard playoff berth if they could defeat the Texans in Houston as long as they had help from two other unlikely circumstances: the Philadelphia Eagles would have to beat the Dallas Cowboys and the Oakland
Raiders would need to upset the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Florida. The Bears jumped to a 10-0 lead behind average-but-adequate quarterback Kyle Orton, but its defense blew it in allowing three straight Texans touchdowns. The Bears would end up losing the game 31-24, but also lost themselves a playoff berth as both Oakland and Philadelphia pulled off unlikely wins. Only the Bears failed to do what they needed to do.

In January 2009, Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith worked quickly in firing two coaches on the defensive side of the ball, and hired deposed Lions coach Rod Marinelli as defensive line coach and Assistant Head Coach. Smith called Marinelli the “best free agent available.” Smith also announced
that while another of his cronies Bob Babich would retain the title of defensive coordinator, in 2009 Smith would take over defensive playcalling for all games-hardly an orthodox move. Once again, as he did in 2007 when he fired popular defensive coordinator Ron Rivera and announced that the media needed to
“trust that he would make the right decisions for his team,” Smith was remaking his staff to his liking to the disdain of observers.

Read the rest of the story on the 2009 Chicago Bears season page.  But you already know what happened.

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  1. I’m disappointed. I thought at least this blog would cover the Bears recap from Sunday night but alas all I found was another bash Lovie rant.

    Maybe the reason nobody bothers to interact(11 blogs in 3 days) is because you have the wrong forum. I suggest you reconsider your views. Lovie isnt going anywhere this year, wakeup and smell the coffee.

  2. The purpose of this post was to provide a link to the page that recaps the entire 2009 season, imissbutkus. There you will find that the webmaster briefly recaps the Sunday night game. The game in which Lovie’s defensive play calling allowed 30 2nd half points to let Minnesota back in it. And do you not have 2 of the 10 comments to the post, “Oh, me of litte faith” which discussed Sunday night’s game exclusively?

    Oh, and the post before this, the webmaster had already conceded that Lovie’s not leaving…

    “I think some people misinterpret me when I say these things. I’m not saying by any stretch that I think Lovie and Ron should be back. I just think they will, whether I like it or not.

    It’s a foregone conclusion that Lovie will be back.”

    The past 3 posts have totaled 25 comments. If that’s not enough for you, imissbutkus, then go to ESPN and stay there so you can read plenty of inane and misguided comments such as your own.

  3. I believe Roy basically just said Lovie isn’t going anywhere this year in his previous post. Anyway, did I just hear correctly on the radio that Forte has been playing injured all season? Sure looked like it!

  4. Roy and Jeff,

    All I was saying was why waste time on the Lovie Rants? Its really getting old. The mention of numbers was a reference to quality not quantity really. Would like to talk reality, needs and schemes and most of all, “football”. I hope this is the right place.

    Sincerely, Butkus.

  5. I called Forte playing injured a long time ago, that hammy never healed. Well he better heal it and come back with a vengeance next season.

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