1985 Chicago Bears

Comment on the 1985 Chicago Bears article, available at www.bearshistory.com.

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  1. this website is the best thank you so mutch it was a big help for my sschool project
    yourock!!!!! !!!!

  2. i think that the bears a veary good team and ever sinc 1985 the chicago bears has changed a lot its a good thing they got rid of rex grosman this is a good school projectn Go Bears you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. marty johnson on August 3rd, 2009 at 9:37 am

    85 Bears were nothing short of awesome. i got on this web-site cause i read a book defamating this historical team. it helped a lot in my research for a counter book. GO BEARS……..

  4. Great/ Informative website . It is unbelievable what the 85′ talent was making in comparison to the cry baby’s of today. Your site is in My Favorites tab 4EVER !!

    Just a tid bit of info missing . I believe Jim Osborne DT did retire prior to the 85′ season . I did not see his name on the 84′ retirement roster either .

  5. The Bears R BOSS!!!!!!!!!!

  6. ’85 Bears best there was best there ever will be. No one dominated like they did.

  7. Internet tough guy alert!

  8. Yeah, he was an Internet tough guy, threatening me from Oregon. Comments like that are futile as I just take them down.

  9. Totally unrelated, but that was a great article in the DH this morning Roy.

  10. Thanks much Brad…thanks for stopping by the site. I should say I can’t believe how many bizarre comments have been left by Packer fans, but actually I should believe it. Go Bears!

  11. I remember when this occurred…Oh it was great yet so cold in January at City hall…

  12. I have 1985 jacket with the teams picture and score and etc. Excelant condition. Going to list it on E-bay..Know of any one that might be interested in . Call 309-202-2901
    Pekin Illinois

  13. I have a super bowl XX team and coaches plaque like the picture in this story with the season record and players name on it.Would like to know if any one can tell me estimated value of it.
    Thank you
    Debbie V.

  14. ” The Bears will never visit the White House for the traditional celebration, as the Space Shuttle Challenger explodes two days later, killing its crew.”

    It looks like the 1985 Bears team has been invited to the White House finally!


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