1985 Chicago Bears Legacy

Wow. I just realized something. With the almighty Patriots’ loss in Super Bowl 42, the 1985 Chicago Bears now retain their higher spot on the pedestal of all-time great NFL teams. I didn’t think that would happen.

Around the year 2001, Espn.com ranked the ’85 Bears as the best team in the history of professional football. Last year, in the culmination of its America’s Game series, the NFL Network ranked the ’85 Bears second all-time to the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins.

As this season wore on, I resigned myself to the fact that the 2007 New England Patriots will now be remembered as a better team than the 1985 Bears. But now, how could they? They can’t possibly be. The ’85 Bears manhandled that year’s version of the Patriots in the Super Bowl, and this year’s version of Boston’s team couldn’t beat the worst wildcard team in the NFC.

So, in my book, the 2007 Patriots have not bested the 1985 Bears, regardless of regular season record. How could they? I’m sure there will be arguments that the ’07 Pats should be regarded as a better team than the ’85 Bears due to their perfect regular season record. I think that argument will be ridiculous.

They didn’t win the Super Bowl, so their perfect regular season means nothing. The 1934 Chicago Bears and the 1942 Chicago Bears also compiled perfect regular season records, and lost the championship games, and no one ranks those teams in any all-time best conversations.

So to the Giants, thank you again. Not only did you knock Green Bay out of it, but you preserved the legacy of the 1985 Bears. That solidifies them as my second favorite NFL team.

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  1. There is NO FRICKIN’ way that 72 Dolphins should EVER be considered the ‘best ever’. Only undefeated team in NFL history? Sure, have that title. But considering they only beat 2 teams in the regular season with winning records, and both those teams were 8-6, they’re quite a few pegs down on the rung for ‘greatest ever’ title.

  2. They also struggled in the playoffs and Super Bowl whereas as you know the Bears utterly dominated three good teams outscoing them 91-10. So I have to say obviously Da ’85 Bears are Da best.

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