15th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game

15th Most Memorable Chicago Bears Game since 1979

Bears 14, Packers 13: November 7, 1999

As alluded to in just the previous post, almost exactly 10 years after the “instant replay game,” the Bears found themselves at Lambeau Field again.  This time it was the Bears that had endured a five-year losing streak to the Packers, and oddly enough, the game would end with the same final score, only with Chicago on the right side this time.

On this November 7th, the Bears would be playing with heavy hearts six days after the untimely passing of NFL legend Walter Payton from a rare liver disease.  The entire NFL was mourning the loss, except, it seems for the moronic Packer fan that screamed “Go Packers” loud enough to be picked up by television cameras during a pregame moment of silence for #34.  At Payton’s public funeral service just the day before in Soldier Field, the crowd sent the 1999 team off with a rousing “Beat Green Bay,” and everyone in attendance knew that the players knew what was at stake.

The Bears started the ’99 season with a 3-2 record but entered the Packer game at 3-5 following three consecutive losses.  The final game was a 48-22 humiliation at Washington, during which starting quarterback Shane Matthews was injured.  Thus the Bears opened the Packer game with rookie Cade McNown at quarterback.

Thanks to some imaginative playcalling, the Bears scored their first touchdown on an inside handoff scamper for 49 yards by all-purpose Bears back Glyn Milburn.  By halftime, Green Bay had a 10-7 lead, and early in the third quarter McNown gave way to Jim Miller at quarterback due to an injury.  Miller would complete a touchdown pass to Bobby Engram in the third, giving the Bears a 14-10 lead, and Green Bay kicked a field goal in the fourth to come within a point at 14-13.

The Bears played inspired defense for the most part, but in a usual refrain to Bears fans, Packer quarterback Brett Favre drove the Packers within field goal range with just seconds remaining.  Ultra-reliable Packer kicker Ryan Longwell lined up for a chip shot kick to give the Packers the win, when from out of nowhere, Bear defensive end Bryan Robinson blocked the attempt.  The Bears went mad after beating their arch-rival for the first time since 1993.

Robinson would state after the game that he had no idea how he reached so high to block the kick, as he knows he can’t jump that high.

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  1. You said “thanks to some imaginative play calling?” How about some imaginative reporting.

    “By halftime, Green Bay had a 10-7 lead,…Miller would complete a touchdown pass to Bobby Engram in the third, giving the Bears a 13-7 lead.”

    How did Green Bay go from 10 down to seven? Don’t get me wrong, I hate the packers, but what is the deal here?

  2. That happens when I type 7 instead of 10. Thanks for pointing it out.

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