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Jerry Angelo’s 9th Worst Draft Pick

Roosevelt Williams-CB-Tuskegee-Round 3 2002: Angelo started his penchant for trading down in the first draft he led as a general manager. In 2002, instead of using the 63rd overall pick the Bears traded down nine spots in exchange for the Dallas Cowboy’s third-round pick and a swap of fourth-rounders. With the extra pick in the […]

Jerry Angelo’s Worst Draft Picks: #10

Jarron Gilbert and Juaquin Iglesias-Round 3 2009: In the 2009 draft it was critical for the Bears to hit on their picks, as they did not have a first-rounder due to the trade for Jay Cutler. Chicago’s first pick that year was in the second round, 49th overall. Jerry Angelo and his staff decided to […]

Much More Jerry Angelo to Come

Thanks for the comments-glad to know a few of my friends out there are reading. Some of your comments indicate that you’d like to see some more on Angelo-such as some of the decisions that didn’t work out so much. Well, we have you covered. After a hiatus next week, starting on the 18th we’ll […]

Jerry Angelo’s Best Draft Pick

Lance Briggs-LB-Arizona-Round 3 2003: What makes the Briggs pick even more fortuitous is that Briggs was drafted for (former defensive coordinator) Greg Blache’s system one year before Lovie Smith’s arrival. Smith’s base cover two defense relied heavily on a dynamic tackler to man the weak side “will” linebacker, and although Briggs became a solid starter […]

Jerry Angelo’s 2nd Best Draft Pick

Devin Hester-KR-Miami-Round 2 2006: Hester probably slipped in the 2006 draft because he never found a position at Miami. He played some at cornerback, some at receiver, but excelled at neither position. But he was a dynamic kick returner, bringing back six kicks in college for touchdowns. Since the Bears were already a playoff team […]

Jerry Angelo’s 3rd Best Draft Pick

Charles “Peanut” Tillman-CB-Louisana Lafayette-Round 2 2003: Several corners were rated higher in the 2003 draft than Tillman. Five corners were selected before him: Terence Newman, Marcus Trufant, Andre Woolfolk, Sammy Davis and Nnamdi Asomugha. Who else would anyone take over Tillman in their tenth pro year other than Asomugha? Probably nobody. Tillman became a starter […]

Jerry Angelo’s 4th Best Draft Pick

Matt Forte-RB-Tulane-Round 2 2008: As of 2008, the Bears had busted out in drafting running backs going all the way back to the late 1980′s. The selection of Neal Anderson (first round 1986) was a home run even though his career fizzled after his sixth season. Brad Muster (first round, 1988) was a nice compliment […]

Jerry Angelo’s 5th Best Draft Pick

Kyle Orton-QB-Purdue-Round 4 2005: Since the early 1990′s, the Green Bay Packers have consistently drafted late-round quarterbacks that have become starters around the NFL (Ty Detmer, Mark Brunell, Aaron Brooks, Matt Hasselbeck, and soon Matt Flynn). Jerry Angelo? Like his attention to the offensive line, there always was little to the backup quarterback position. He […]

Jerry Angelo’s 6th Best Draft Pick

Alex Brown-DE-Florida-Round 4 2002: At face value when this pick was made, this probably looked like what would become a standard Jerry Angelo draft pick (a reach and a failure). Brown was considered by evaluators to have plenty of talent and potential, but he was thought to have been a lazy player in Florida who […]

Jerry Angelo’s Seventh Best Draft Pick

Johnny Knox-WR-Abilene Christian-Round 5 2009: Knox was selected with a throw-in fifth round pick that came back to the Bears from Denver in the Jay Cutler trade. Knox seemed to be on the bubble prior to final cuts that season, then had a monster final preseason game. In his rookie year he made the Pro […]