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Listen Live 5:15 p.m. Central

I’ll be talking Bears-Seahawks on Sports Talk with Richard Cross today at 5:15 central for anyone interested in listening, it’s streamed live on the Internet. One of my friends reminded me yesterday that there were 97 hours until kickoff.  Excitement for the Bears first playoff game in four years is mounting. Share

Hot Site of the Week

Jack Styczynski let me know that is the Fan’s Choice Hot Site of the Week at his website, the Sports Hot Sheet. Thanks, Jack. Share

Chicago Bears History on Chicago Huddle

Our segments on Comcast SportsNet’s Chicago Huddle. Share

Comcast SportsNet’s Chicago Huddle

We have one more segment airing on us on the Chicago Huddle on Comcast SportsNet Chicago.  It will be shown tonight (Thursday 12/23) at 11:30 p.m. and Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m.  Check it out if you can. Happy Holidays and Go Bears! Share on Chicago Huddle

For those in the Chicago area-check out Chicago Huddle on Comcast Sportsnet Chicago the next two Sundays.  This Sunday they’ll be profiling and next Sunday 12/26 the BearsHistory Bar.  I’d like to thank Joe, Greg and April Rose for giving us the opportunity (and free publicity). Chicago Huddle airs at 9:30 a.m. Sunday mornings […]

Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter

So I took the plunge. Interesting, because I pay attention to Facebook on a personal level less and less every day.  I don’t want to know every detail, thought and action about anyone else the way that some want to put their lives on display for constant attention there.  And by God I don’t want […]

Monday Morning Bits

Should have called it “contract problem bits.” As if we didn’t already know it, now Devin Hester is stewing about his contract. Urlacher’s comments to his buddy Jay Glazer on the contract situation. And as a side note, it is interesting to me how many different NFL players attended Glazer’s wedding. What happens when there […]

Rough Week

It’s been a bad week for the Chicago Bears Blog.  My database crashed repeatedly at my host.  Long and short of it is, all they could do was restore from a backup from January 8th, losing the last two weeks of posts.  And I was particularly proud of a couple things I wrote about the […]

Chicago Bears Bar

…in my basement, that is.? Thanks to Mike Hines for his great article in Saturday’s issue of the Chicago Tribune RedEye on my Chicago Bears Bar.? I’d love to see the print edition with photos, but apparently the RedEye only offers home delivery on Saturdays, and I question how many people actually get it. Did […]

Ready to Roll

I created this Weblog in May 2007, and the vision is for it to be your one-stop shop for every news link on the Bears each day.? Between then and now, I haven’t lived up to the goal I set for the site, and it’s mainly been because news this time of year is so […]