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Top 10 NFL Curses Appearance

I most certainly will have egg on my face if my interview didn’t make the cut, but here goes nothing. In March 2013 I was interviewed for NFL Network’s Top 10 series on several Bears-related subjects. If my interviews don’t end up landing on the cutting room floor, this will probably be the pinnacle of […]

How’s Your Summer?

This Summer in Illinois, for those of you that aren’t here, has been very disappointing weather-wise. Too much rain and too many cool days. Bad summer in my opinion. If you’re in different parts, hope yours has been better. But Summer is busy for us all. For me, I just wrapped up coaching the […]

2013 NFL Draft and Free Agency

If you’re like me, you’re probably still just catching your second wind since football season ended. That is exactly what I’m doing. So I am just now starting to think about the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft and free agency. Just starting-so I am just beginning to digest some great free agency and mock draft sites. […]

WGN Radio Sunday Morning

If you have a moment to flip over to WGN Radio or online at Sunday morning just after 11 a.m., I’ll be talking to JC Corcoran about the gameday atmosphere while walking into the stadium. In case you miss it, the podcast will be available at the linked page sometime Sunday. Enjoy your tailgate […]

Introducing Our New Contributor

In the past I have frequently used the term “our” here, I suppose that has always been more like “The Royal Our” since it’s been just me posting. But now we will be able to honestly say that there is more than an I, there is in fact an our, because we now would like […]

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I realize there is currently a problem with writing and displaying comments.  I am working with my web host to troubleshoot.  Thank you for your patience. Share

Interview on KIRO Seattle

Talked last night for a bit with Frank and Josh of Northwest Nights on KIRO in Seattle.  They were pretty nice to the enemy, and didn’t call me Rob.  24 hours to tailgating! Share

Interview with Richard Cross

The interview on Sports Talk with Richard Cross has been posted in the media section at  Nice interview, I was excited to talk about Bears playoff football.  I got the “Rob” treatment in the end, which happens to me a lot for some reason.  I’m used to it. I appreciate Richard and staff having […]