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Chicago Bears Fact Checking

I just got done reading a Chicago Bears Book that was published in 2005: Mike Ditka and Rick Telander’s In Life, First You Kick Ass.  I didn’t learn much from the same oft-repeated stories written by Telander from interviews with Ditka.  (Although it was entertaining for a couple of nights).  But once again I came […]

Sam Rosen: Utterly Unlistenable

Wow, how have I dealt with his announcing of regular season games on Fox to this point?  Maybe because they’re regular season games.  I have to listen to this three more times before the regular season starts?  More “Travis Taylor,” “Marcus Anderson” and misidentifying players and their positions?  I know for certain that I’m turning […]

Bears 30, Browns 6

I guess this one’s going to be short.  I was hoping the Bears would beat the Browns in dominating fashion, being that the Browns are among the dumpster of the NFL.  And the Bears did wallop Cleveland.  But as I said to a few today, I’ve never been less impressed by a 24 point victory. […]

Ron Santo on Jay Cutler

Yesterday, former Bears cornerback Jerry Azumah sang the seventh-inning stretch at Wrigley Field, and prior to the song Cub radio commentator Ron Santo conducted a very entertaining interview with him. Santo:  So you were a running back in college, why did you play defensive back in the pros?  Did you tell them you liked to […]

Chicago Bears Safeties 2001

I don’t get paid to write about the Chicago Bears, but I do think it’s critical to get the facts straight.  If I did get paid to write, I’d think it would be even more critical to make sure there weren’t any factual errors in my writing. Yes, I’ve made mistakes, and they do happen. […]

Really? 21-0?

I hope there’s a Bears gameday staffer that was called into the boss’ office on Monday morning.  For those of you that attend Bears games, you’ll know this year there are probably 4 or more trivia questions that are put to the fans via the video boards throughout the game. During Sunday’s game, one of […]

Cowardly Blogger Used Again

David Haugh, a sportswriter from the Chicago Tribune, has referred to what I do here as “the not so brave world of blogging.”  Of course he would never refer to me directly, but has referred generally to bloggers as such.  Apparently people in the “real” media like David are angry that someone like me can […]

1965 Champions? Really?

This is low-hanging fruit, really. But I can’t resist. On the Chicago Bears website, on the page with information for the 2008 Bears Fan Expo, the organization claims that members from each of the last three World Championship teams will be in attendance. Richard Dent from 1985? Check. Ed Sprinkle from 1946? Check. Doug Buffone […]

More Hub Arkush Gems

I’ve posted comments previously from the editor of Pro Football Weekly, Hub Arkush. I always try to take the high road, but I have mentioned that I dislike how Mr. Arkush talks down to the fans, often prefacing comments with “let me explain this for the fans, because they don’t understand.” Tonight on the air […]

Jim Miller, Chicago Bears Quarterback

Comcast Sportsnet Chicago is running a promo for its Bears postgame coverage, and flashes player cards and the years they played for Richard Dent (1983-1993, 95), Jerry Azumah (1999-2005) and Jim Miller (1999-2002).? Uh, sorry guys, Jim Miller was signed by the Bears for the final four games of the 1998 season.? So your card […]