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Diva Done. Really? REALLY?

So we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that Brett Favre will not be joining the Minnesota Vikings.  Right?  Or was there potential hilarity in the wind at the prospect of watching Favre toss 10 picks in his first 2 games?  Possibly. As we all know, on Tuesday Favre informed the Vikings and […]

As if You Didn’t Know

In case you had any doubt, it’s trickling out that our friend Brett Favre will indeed, most definitely be back in the NFL in 2009 playing for the Minnesota Vikings. is reporting the deal is in place. As revolting as it sounds, would anyone else grudglingly be OK with the chosen one winning his […]

The Last Brett Favre Post

This is the last post about Brett Favre unretiring to join the Vikings, or not unretiring, or unretiring to start a baseball career, or whatever.  I will try very, very hard to ensure that.  Unless the story is that Favre’s arm fell off, or he was bitten by one of his farm animals, whatever, I […]

Diva Favre Saga Set to Continue

I’m sure everyone is aware of this, but yesterday the New York Jets granted Brett Favre his unconditional release.  This is what Favre sought one year ago, but was not granted, by the Green Bay Packers, forcing the trade of Favre to the Jets. After Favre retired following his 2008 unretirement, Favre stated he was […]

Let the Terrell Owens Talk Commence

So reports have it that the Dallas Cowboys have released talented but petulant receiver Terrell Owens.  The Bears need receivers badly (not just A receiver, mind you), Owens is talented and available, so for days now there will be an avalanche of speculation from Bears fans and the media.  One newspaper in Chicago employs a […]

Is it safe to go outside now?

How many of you believe Brett Favre is really retiring this year?  He even filed his paperwork correctly this time, which he didn’t do last year. I’m actually shocked.  I really thought he’d do what he could to be a pain to the Jets, since he held the cards with their cap situation.  He could […]

More on “Go Cardinals”

OK, my support for the Cardinals is solidified, I’m announcing 68 minutes before game time.  You have the whole Cardinals used to be from Chicago angle, and the fact that many celebrities (including our President to whom many people refer as a “Rock Star” forgetting that the President of the United States should be far […]

Fantasy Football 2008 Results

So I hear there’s a football game this weekend.  I wouldn’t know since the Bears are idle. The Bears should be in hibernation here for a while, and I’m having a hard time manufacturing things to write about.  I’m the last guy to talk about fantasy football to people that don’t care about fantasy football, […]

Mike Ditka for Senator 2004

This is as political as you’ll see me get here, I assure you. Make sure to get out and vote for your next President today, as well as every other office.  Just don’t complain about the state of affairs if you don’t vote. And don’t forget the Chicago Bears angle to the Presidentiial election.  Remember […]

Chicago Cubs Smoked 10-3

Jeez, it’s tough enough being a Chicago Bears fan…can’t imagine how tough it must be to be a Chicago Cubs fan.  Best record in the National League, dominated opponents for the most part, led many statistical categories.  Now they’re down 0-2 in the NLDS when they were clearly favored over the Dodgers. WAIT.  I am […]