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Benson Busted Again

Well, well, well.  Bears fans endured crowing from Bengals fans in 2009, and from Cedric Benson himself, when the runner bowled over the Bears in a lopsided Bengals win.  The Bears were stupid for ever releasing Benson due to a lackadaisical approach to his job, and several run-ins with the law.  We would see, they […]


Sorry for the lack of content, readers.  Absolutely nothing going on in the news with the Bears over the last several weeks.  If it were 10 years ago, I’d be busily working on new content for  But these days it’s working on work and family issues when I’m not, um, working. I do have […]

Cade McNown Back in NFL?

I have no opinion on Notre Dame or Jimmy Clausen, positive or negative.  And I know a lot of people out there do hold such opinion.  This is not Bears related at all, but please read this blurb on Jimmy Clausen and try to tell me it doesn’t remind those that remember the less-than-prosperous Bears […]

Sexy Rexy Is Back

Or at least he’s ready to tear it up according to a comment-poster at  You have to love the ability for anyone to leave any comment anonymously these days.  In an article quoting new Redskin coach Mike Shanahan talk about his quarterback situation, commenter “Rex Grossman” (what else) writes:  Yes! Sexy Rexy Gunslinger Grossman […]

NFC Championship Prediction Time

Some would say it would be immature for one to root against his team’s rivals just because they’re his rivals.  So I won’t publicly say how I feel about Sunday’s NFC Championship in New Orleans. I’m interested to know how you all feel.  Let’s just say I do feel like I have a vested interest […]

Brad Biggs Moves to Tribune

Little off the beaten path today.  It gets very old having nothing more to talk about than how bad the Chicago Bears are, how they’ve dug themselves a hole from which they won’t recover until the GM’s contract runs out four years ago, and how their rivals miraculously bounce back from adversity to stay strong […]

Bills Fire Jauron

There are actually a few organizations across the NFL that are worse off now than our Bears, and it’s nice to shift focus every now and then away from our problems.  Yesterday the Bills fired “Uncle” Dick Jauron after not quite four lackluster years.  Jauron will be replaced by Perry Fewell, who incidentally coached the […]

Get Don Banks a Drool Cup

In case you haven’t heard today, Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks moved the Green Bay Packers from 19th to 3rd in his NFL power rankings based on their performance in the preseason.  Let me repeat, based on the performance in the preseason, facing vanilla defenses fielded by teams that don’t care whether they win the game […]

Harder Offense, Better Orton?

Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune writes today that Kyle Orton has a better chance of success in Denver, because the Broncos’ offense is more difficult than the Bears. Really?  I’ve been reading football stories for 30 years (hate to say that but it’s true) and this is the first time I’ve ever read that […]

Final Favre Word

Had to make one more post before I have to sign off for the next few days. I knew it.  I knew it. Of course, so did a lot of other people.  And what had I thought a month ago?  That Favre was pulling this to miss roughly two weeks of camp?  Seems about right. […]