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The End Finally Arrives

Just had to acknowledge the end of Brett Favre’s games-started streak, after he sat out Minnesota’s most recent embarrassing loss. Great streak of 297 games started Brett.  Now go away.  It’s quite apparent you overstayed your welcome. Share

Metrodome Roof Collapse Video

I just have to say, when I saw this, all I could say was oh…my….God.  I’ve been in the Metrodome four times or so.  As small as it is in relation to many NFL stadiums, it’s pretty immense inside.  And thinking of that thing coming down…wow. We’ll see where the Bears and Vikings play next […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone enjoy the Holiday.  No games going on that have anything to do with our Bears.  Sure, the Lions are playing, but since they’ve been irrelevant since the mid-1990′s, that doesn’t matter.  How I pity Lions fans, I really do. Sven, have some turkey with us tomorrow even though you won’t have the day off!  […]

Minnesota Madness Makes Bears Look Normal

And we get fed up with the Chicago Bears’ front office, scouting and coaching?  Doesn’t the lunacy we’re seeing in Minnesota that has led to a 2-5 record for a team of Super Bowl favorites cast the Bears in a little better light?  Things are starting to get ugly in Minneapolis. Imagine trading a third-round […]

Da Coach: Entertaining, Polarizing

I was glad to see nothing written on these comments in Friday morning’s Chicago Tribune, so I believe Mike Ditka’s comments from Thursday afternoon on ESPN Radio have not caused uproar, as some thought they would. In case you missed it, Ditka told ESPN Radio in Miami that he has “zero sympathy” for Jenn Sterger.  […]

Vikings Fall to 1-3

On Sunday, the media’s assumed Super Bowl 45 champions lost to drop their record to 3-2.  Last night the Minnesota Vikings, the national media’s other shoo-in to win this year’s championship as of August, lost to the New York Jets to fall to 1-3. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears lead Green Bay by a game, and […]

Anderson, Grant, Moss

Yesterday the Bears cut fifth-year defensive end Mark Anderson and signed former Saint Charles Grant from the UFL.  Bit of a surprise to me, but not much fretting.  Yes, Anderson tallied 12 sacks his rookie season, and has done virtually nothing since.  It was time to move on. In non-Bears news today, however, comes the […]

Way to Go, Brett

Glad to see that last night’s opening NFL game turned out as I hoped it would.  Brett Favre looked rusty, and even more concerning for the Vikings, he looked tired and worn out.  This isn’t even my opinion-it was the opinion of the postgame commentators on NBC and the NFL Network. Favre played his same […]

Vikings and Packers 2010

Since the Vikings play tonight to open the 2010 season, figured I’d write a few thoughts about them.  I can’t believe how excited I’ve been this week for football to start.  I’ll finally be able to sleep better tonight. I’m so looking forward to tonight’s game with the hope that it will finally be Brett […]


That’s all I can title this post is “Favre”.  I’m sick of seeing or writing his name.  And I refuse to write more than one post per year about his annual attention fest.  This is all I will say.  I didn’t believe it for one second when I saw the breaking news yesterday.  I figured […]