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Cost of Success up North

An item I caught today on Profootballtalk got me to thinking on a subject that has been in the back of my mind. One of these days, the Packers are going to have to pay Aaron Rodgers. And in light of the $120 million just netted by Baltimore’s Joe Flacco, they better have their plans […]

Marc Trestman Ties the Room Together

In an interview at a charity event yesterday, Bears receiver Brandon Marshall said that new head coach Marc Trestman “can bring a whole room together.” This may be a Chicago Bears Blog, but I will never resist any chance to reference the greatest movie ever. Share

Jim Harbaugh Chicago Bears Super Bowl

Such mixed emotions seeing Jim Harbaugh lead the San Francisco 49ers into Super Bowl 47. The 49ers, a team I hated from around 1983 to 2003. I actually remember watching “the catch” by Dwight Clark in the 1981 NFC Championship game. And amazingly, I was happy for the 49ers at the time, because I was […]

Sad Passing of Steve Sabol

Steve Sabol, the mastermind who with his father created the game of football on film as we all love to see it, the President of NFL Films, passed away from brain cancer yesterday. He was only 69. It is ironic that I was just wondering and talking about Sabol last week in my Chicago Bears […]

Super Bowl 46

A lot of people ask me who I think is going to win the Super Bowl-my answer-no idea. If asked who I’m cheering for, I guess I have to pull for the Giants. Not only am I indebted because they have surprisingly knocked the favored Packers out of the playoffs twice now, I have to […]

2011 Conference Championships

I pledged that I would always owe the New York Giants a debt of gratitude after that team shockingly upset the Green Bay Packers in Wisconsin in 2007. My fondness for the Giants continued, even after they embarrassed the Bears in 2010. Then this year, what do you know, the Giants again pulled off a […]

Packers in NFC Championship

As I mentioned Friday, I’m through being bitter about the media’s golden-child treatment of the Packers this season.  Indeed, the Packers now deserve all the credit they’re getting for making it to the NFC Championship game as the sixth seed in the NFC field. I cheered neither for nor against Green Bay tonight, because either […]

Here Comes Wanny…

Hide your football teams, NFL, because Dave Wannstedt is trolling for employment.  Run out of Chicago, Miami and now Pittsburgh, it is speculated that Wanny will land a defensive coordinator gig in San Diego or Carolina. Good luck fans of the Chargers and Panthers.  Things are about to get much worse for you for the […]

Holy Schnikes/Seahawks

Holy Schnikes! Seriously, if you predicted that the Packers would beat the Eagles in Philly, and the Seahawks would knock off the defending Super Bowl champions to bring 7-9 Seattle into Chicago, please let us know. To me, it is no surprise that Green Bay defeated the Eagles.  Since the 59 point trouncing of the […]

Good Luck Redskins

That’s all I can sarcastically say when I saw this. Share