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NFL Draft Day Cometh-Surprises?

At least I think it will. With all of the events going on in the world the last week, maybe we shouldn’t count on anything. One week to the 2013 NFL Draft. I have reviewed my draft magazines as I usually do, and have my thoughts and opinions on what the Chicago Bears need. But […]

Bears Free Agency 2013: Relax

I see a lot of people out there already talking about what kind of big splash the Chicago Bears will make when free agency opens at 2 p.m. I could very well be wrong, as I am most of the time, but I don’t expect any “splashes.” And this may not be a bad thing. […]

2013 Chicago Bears Free Agency

Before thinking or talking about the 2013 NFL Draft, one must first think about what the Chicago Bears might do in free agency. Especially after last season, we learned that the focus in the draft can be heavily dependent on what a team is able to get done in free agency. In 2012, the Bears […]

2013 NFL Draft and Free Agency

If you’re like me, you’re probably still just catching your second wind since football season ended. That is exactly what I’m doing. So I am just now starting to think about the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft and free agency. Just starting-so I am just beginning to digest some great free agency and mock draft sites. […]

Jim Harbaugh Chicago Bears Super Bowl

Such mixed emotions seeing Jim Harbaugh lead the San Francisco 49ers into Super Bowl 47. The 49ers, a team I hated from around 1983 to 2003. I actually remember watching “the catch” by Dwight Clark in the 1981 NFC Championship game. And amazingly, I was happy for the 49ers at the time, because I was […]

Post Trestman Hire Thoughts

Personally, I am excited about the hiring of Marc Trestman as the 14th head coach in Chicago Bears history. As soon as I heard he was a leading candidate, I recognized his name and like most others probably did, wondered what happened to this guy over the last decade. I remember his name being tossed […]

Bears Thoughts 1/15/2013

Yesterday it was announced that the three finalists to be interviewed for Head Coach of the Chicago Bears are Bruce Arians, Darrell Bevell and Marc Trestman. To me Bevell is somewhat surprising, and the final list is also. I guess ESPN’s Adam Schefter isn’t always right-yesterday he said Rick Dennison of Houston was a strong […]

Former and Mighta Been in Playoffs

I love Wisconsin, I really do. And generally Wisconsin people and Packers fans are good people. I think the worst of them are the Chicago Packer fans. So while generally I’m glad the Packers got smoked tonight, once again ending the mirage of the mighty Packer juggernaut, I know there are a lot of true, […]

Bears Dog and Pony Show

According to various sources, there has been “grumbling” within the NFL about the breadth of the Chicago Bears’ coaching search. (And ProFootBallTalk just can’t resist to continue to use the photo of Phil Emery in which he looks like Maxwell Smart). Teams believe that Emery is using the guise of interviews to glean intelligence from […]

Retaining Defensive Assistants

I didn’t write soon enough. Ever since Lovie Smith’s firing, I’ve been thinking the same thing that Dan Pompei wrote in today’s Chicago Tribune. I realize that some Bears fans will think that any remaining vestige of the Lovie Smith era needs to be eradicated from Halas Hall. This would mean immediately firing the entire […]