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Friday Five: Bears at Redskins 2013

Remember the days when the Bears were one ongoing controversy (Tank Johnson, Cedric Benson)? Thankfully the Redskins and their team name are currently in the driver’s seat on that subject. I posted the photo to the left because I loved those Redskin throwback uniforms from 2003. As the kids would say, I thought they were […]

Saints at Bears 2013

I definitely have more concerns about Saints at Bears 2013 than I have confidence in the Bears winning. So the most direct thing I can write this week is: is there anyone out there that feels strongly in the Bears winning this game? One thing is certain, if the Bears do beat the Saints, it […]

Bears at Lions 2013: 3 Down 3 Up

Wow, as exciting as the 3-0 start was, this game was as disappointing. I’m not a statistician and don’t have a database of every Bears game in my brain. But I’m betting that the Bears have never scored 40 points in one week, then given up 40 in the next. What a bummer. I also […]

Friday Five: Bears at Lions 2013

- I get the feeling this is a very different Detroit Lions team the Bears will be facing this Sunday. Different from the Lions teams the Bears have beaten eight of the last nine times the teams have met. Detroit has a powerful offense, especially if Reggie Bush is playing, which he should. More surprisingly, […]

Bears-Steelers 2013: 3 Up 3 Down

1. The Bears almost unraveled at Pittsburgh, building a 24-3 lead then regressing to a score of 27-24. In my opinion, the key to the victory was the fact the Bears opened aggressively and built the 17-0 lead. We are at the beginning of a long road, early in the 2013 Chicago Bears season, so […]

2013 Chicago Bears Friday 5: at Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears have a long history, since the Steelers have been around since 1933. But since the Bears-Steelers game in 1980 was the first I watched, I’ll start there. That year the Bears were coming off a playoff appearance when they entered Three Rivers Stadium to take on the defending world […]

Vikings at Bears 2013: 3 Up 3 Down

I started Sunday morning glad that I didn’t have my tickets for the game, given the steady rain. As the Minnesota Vikings looked to be driving toward a nail-in-the-coffin touchdown with less than five minutes remaining, I was ready to write it off. Then when Martellus Bennett caught the winning touchdown pass from Jay Cutler […]

2013 Chicago Bears Friday 5: vs. Vikings

I am confident in a Bears win over the Vikings on Sunday. A Viking victory would portend some bad things for the Bears. For Minnesota to win, as I see it one of two things would have to happen for the Vikings, and one for the Bears. The Bears would either have to be completely […]

Bengals at Bears 2013: 3 Up 3 Down

Bengals at Bears 2013: 3 up 3 down This was the game the Bears couldn’t win, according to many experts. In Sunday’s Chicago Tribune, six of the eight legitimate picks were for the Bengals, the only dissenters were Fred Mitchell and Dan Wiederer. I rarely give my opinion on Bears games, other than to say […]

Chicago Bears Friday Five 2013 Opener

The bad news is those of us in the northern United States now begin the long descent into winter. As much as I truly do enjoy freezing cold Bears games, I despise six to eight straight months of dreary weather. However, the great news is that in 48 hours my crew will be departing to […]