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Jeffery Snubbed: Packer Thoughts

Good news is (not that it matters in the end), the Bears will be represented in the 2014 Pro Bowl by Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte. Pretty cool to see those guys get their due. Unfortunately, I really thought Alshon Jeffery‘s breakout sophomore season would get him selected. It didn’t. Upon reviewing the NFL’s receiving […]

Pack at Bears 2013: Do or Dead

Just three seasons after the Bears and Packers met for the 2010 NFC Championship (let’s not remember how that ended), the two teams meet in a season finale for a division title for the first time this Sunday. Wish I could say my glass is half full, but anyone that’s been reading the six seasons […]

Making Bad

The good news from Sunday night, if there is any, is that I had the opportunity for I and my family to be interviewed for “Bear Down, the Documentary”, which is going to be awesome. (Please watch the trailer and throw Joe a few bucks if you can, and tell your friends). For this reason, […]

Will the 2013 Bears Be Wearing Hats?

Again, sorry for the picture of Rex Grossman. But in the photo, he’s wearing his 2005 NFC North Division Champions hat. Just heard someone mention on WSCR that should the Lions and Packers lose, and the Bears win, they will be “wearing hats.” I’d love that. For a guy that is usually pessimistic, I’m going […]

Bears Blast Dallas

Always a great night in Chicago when it’s freezing cold and the Bears can embarrass the Dallas Cowboys. Being at the game, I didn’t have access to commentary, but I believe I heard afterwards this was the fourth-coldest Bears game in their history. I had guessed in my 250 or so games I’ve been to, […]

Turkey Day State of the Bears

I haven’t posted since before that amazing Ravens game. What a roller coaster of a season. Since losing two games in a row to the Lions and Saints seven weeks ago, the Bears have now won, lost, won, lost, won, lost in that order. As amazing as the Ravens game was, the Rams game was […]

Rooting for Bears to Lose?

No, I don’t seriously mean that, but read on. What a crazy season it’s been. The Bears rally in the final minutes to win their first two games, then survive a comeback at Pittsburgh to start 3-0. They lose handily to New Orleans, survive another comeback to beat the Giants. They score 41 points and […]

Friday 5: Lions at Bears 2013

I admit it. I proclaimed it. I had totally, completely lost faith in the Bears beating the Green Bay Packers on November 4th. I kept faith in 2008, 2009, in the 2010 NFC Championship, in portions of the 2011 and 2012 season. Not so much the late games in those years. But this year I […]

Bears at Packers 2013

A few quick thoughts on the upcoming Monday Night Football game at Green Bay. – It is well known that the Bears continue to run the same defense as they did under Lovie Smith for eight seasons. It’s “bend but don’t break,” try to force turnovers while forcing the opposition to get yardage a little […]

Turning Point 2013

I entered the 2013 Chicago Bears season as usual. Hoping for the best but with a healthy dose of skepticism. Many experts predicted that the team would finish around 7-9 or 8-8. Most predicted they would lose to the juggernaut Cincinnati Bengals at home in the opener. Personally I thought they would win the opener, […]