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#Bears: Good, Bad and Ugly

It’s been just three years since the #ChicagoBears last cleaned their house by whacking their GM. Just two years since firing their Head Coach. Here we are again, already. I see good, bad and ugly in our team’s state of affairs. The real question is–do any of you out there have faith that the Bears […]

The George #McCaskey Push

Plenty of thoughts about the Black Monday firings. Some good, some not so good. First I have to get back to something about which I’m several months behind. During the #Bears miserable loss at home to the New Orleans Saints (just one of many miserable losses in 2014), it was widely reported that Bears chairman […]

#Bears Black Monday Possibilities

We’re just over 24 hours away from when I believe the #ChicagoBears will call a press conference. There are many possibilities on what they may announce. Here are the possibilities, and my opinion on what I think might happen. Head Coach Marc Trestman is back (and therefore so is GM Phil Emery): Probable? I don’t […]

#JimHarbaugh to #Bears-Sign the Petition!!

Sign the petition to bring a winner, Jim #Harbaugh, back to coach the Chicago #Bears!! Sign the petition and leave comments to let the McCaskey family know another mild-mannered coach will not be tolerated by Bears fans. Share

#Bears Disarray-Origins and Continuation

In early May 2001, Chicago Bears CEO Ted Phillips and the late Mark Hatley, VP of Player Personnel from 1997-2001, sat at the Halas Hall podium. The meeting was to announce a “mutual termination” of Hatley’s contract less than a month after he ran the 2001 draft for his now-former team. A member of the […]

How Many Clowns Are in This Car? #Bears

Seriously. The 2014 Chicago Bears are in my opinion one of the two most talented offensive units the team has fielded since 1985. Which makes them in the top three in the 35 years that I’ve been watching the team. Probably in the top three most talented going all the way back to 1956, when […]

Now I AM Excited

Or perhaps the headline should read “thankfully the Bears were not able to sign Michael Bennett. Michael, brother of Bears tight end Martellus Bennett, was purportedly the Bears’ number one target in free agency until he quickly re-signed with Seattle. Would Phil Emery have been able to pull off what he has if he would […]

Giving Thanks for Trestman

Something I read about Lovie Smith yesterday morning brought me back to the Smith, and even the Dave Wannstedt regimes. The flexibility shown so far by Marc Trestman and Phil Emery contrast so much with that of Smith and Wannstedt, it’s another reason to be thankful. I hate invoking the Wannstedt era with the Bears, […]

Thanks, Devin

I’m wearing my Devin Hester Super Bowl 41 jersey today, and am a little sad. On Thursday, the Bears announced they will not be re-signing the future Hall of Fame kick returner. He leaves the Bears tied for the most return touchdowns in NFL history. I plunked down money I don’t have for the jersey […]

Packer Giveaway..The End

Like the French at the Louisana Purchase (.03 per acre), the Chicago Bears on Sunday gave away what was on the table. In this case, the NFC North division championship. Different year, different stakes, different Bears team, same results. Over the last 20 seasons, the Bears have lost 30 of the 41 matchups including the […]