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Chicago Bears 2013 NFL Draft

The 2013 NFL Draft commences tonight at 7 p.m. central. By the end of this evening, barring a trade down, the Chicago Bears will have selected a new player with their 20th overall pick. As of now, the Bears have only one selection on Friday, then pick in rounds 4-6 on Saturday. Instead of making [...]

Chicago Bears 2013 Mock Draft

No mock draft is ever spot on. Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, Mike Mayock, and others make a lot of their money on the draft, but it never quite works out. Mel Kiper was not a fan of Russell Wilson coming out of Wisconsin last year, and Mike Mayock loves Manti Te’o this year, which goes [...]

2013 Chicago Bears Schedule

The 2013 Chicago Bears schedule was released last night. I have my thoughts-would like to hear yours. What is interesting to me: – Great to see two games at home to start the season for the first time since 1999. I’m afraid to ask when the other shoe is going to drop. I had been [...]

Newcomer Gets Legendary Number 50

To me, this is news. The Chicago Bears have retired the most numbers of any team in the NFL, and second most in professional sports behind the New York Yankees. They’ve retired so many numbers, in fact, that in 1987 team president Michael McCaskey initially told Walter Payton that #34 would be worn again. Because [...]

Jack Pardee’s Passing

Former Bears coach Jack Pardee (1975-1977), shown at left greeting Bears WR James Scott after Pardee left the Bears, died on April 1st at the age of 76. Pardee departed the Bears under questionable circumstances, but regardless his life story is pretty remarkable in my opinion. Pardee was one of Paul “Bear” Bryant’s “Junction Boys” [...]

Bears Lose Homegrown Talent

I’m trying to think-seriously-when was the last time the Bears drafted and developed a solid offensive lineman? Before Lance Louis, that is. 2001 pick Mike Gandy? He was solid but not a star. Before that, Rex Tucker, who was oft-injured. Then before that, you have to go all the way back to Olin Kreutz. Just [...]

Chicago Bears News 3-25-13

Catching up on the latest Chicago Bears news since Friday: The Bears have signed linebacker James Anderson from Carolina to a one-year contract. Anderson will replace departed strongside linebacker Nick Roach. Chicago-area native Tom Zbikowski has been signed to provide special teams play and depth at safety. Chicago Tribune reporter Dan Pompei gives a nice [...]

Sad End to Urlacher Era

On Wednesday afternoon, the Chicago Bears issued a press release stating that legendary Middle Linebacker Brian Urlacher will not be returning to the team in 2013. The only team he has known and for which he played for 13 seasons. The first legitimate, lasting superstar player the Bears had drafted in probably 17 years. Obviously, [...]

Davis, Spaeth Out; Viking Payback?

With the signing of dual-purpose (receiving and blocking) tight end Martellus Bennett, the Bears released tight ends Kellen Davis and Matt Spaeth. Without adding any commentary (COUGH…Davis was a waste of money in 2012), Davis was allegedly a pass catcher and Spaeth primarily a blocker. While I’m still curious to see the Bears’ updated cap [...]

Bears Strike, Land Bushrod; Bennett

I stand corrected. Just when I thought the Chicago Bears would not be able to make major moves in Free Agency due to their salary cap situation, the Bears struck gold early by signing left tackle Jermon Bushrod and tight end Martellus Bennett. It was announced at the outset yesterday that Bennett would be coming [...]