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The Forecast- Bears vs Bengals

This isn’t exactly a historic day, but as some of you know, I have done game previews for absolutely no reason at all since 2010. These previews were typed up along the course of the week leading up to the game and then sent out via text message to anyone who cared to read, and […]

Key questions facing the Bears in 2013

With the preseason all but wrapped up, excluding a meaningless game against Cleveland on Thursday, it’s finally time to look ahead to week one against the Bengals. The Bears, like any team, have holes going into this season, and those holes were on display at times during this preseason. Right now, they are not the […]

Chargers at Bears Preseason 2013

I saw a lot of positives in Thursday night’s preseason game against San Diego, which the Bears won 33-28. I also saw a lot of negatives. So to me, it seemed as if there was a negative for every positive. It is preseason, but we’ll have to hope things will get cleaned up with just […]

Rookies on the Right

Now that’s decisive. Following another poor performance Friday by J’Marcus Webb, he of the world-beater body but egg-beater approach to professionalism, rookie Jonathan Mills has been elevated to starter at right tackle. If the change sticks, on opening day the Bears may have two rookies as starters on the right side of the offensive line. […]

Torch Passing Tonight

Good Lord is it hard for me to believe that there are readers looking at this that don’t remember the 2000 Chicago Bears season because they were five years old, or not yet born. Seems like yesterday to me. Scary when you start saying things old people say. I certainly remember the 2000 Bears season, […]

Chicago Bears Training Camp 2013

A funny thing happened while I was working a lot and sleeping a little over the last several weeks-football is back! Since I won’t have time to get to Bourbonnais as usual, if anyone out there makes it down, please let everyone know here what you’ve seen. Some notes: I’m not even going to utter […]

PFT: No Respect for Bears

During this slow time of the year for football (I am desperately working on a Lovie Smith article myself while it’s “slow”-stay tuned), is ranking all the teams in the NFL. Today, they ranked the Bears in the bottom half of the league-not a playoff team-at number 18. Talk about no respect; the St. […]

Gabe Carimi: Next Marc Colombo?

I’m very sorry to see it have to come to this, as I had very high hopes for the “Bear Jew”. But after just two seasons with the Chicago Bears, 2011 first-round tackle Gabe Carimi has been traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a sixth-round draft pick. Looks like Carimi will need to find […]

Brian Urlacher Retires

Will have to find the time to write a proper tribute to Brian Urlacher, who retired on Wednesday after an illustrious career as a Chicago Bear. Despite his resorting to frequent insults of the fans in defense of Lovie Smith late in his career, and calling the Bears’ final offer of $2.5 million for […]

Gabe Carimi: Hope or Bust?

A lot of coverage in the media has been devoted to Gabe Carimi deciding to stay away from the Chicago Bears’ “voluntary” organized team activities. The decision was justified by former NFL center LeCharles Bentley, with whom Carimi is training rather than attending Bears practices. It seems that odds are on Carimi at least making […]