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Advice to anyone that hasn’t been to Bears training camp in Bourbonnais. Make sure you go once the year before so you know how to operate through the madness. This is a good sign. Last time I took my son to training camp was 2006. Share

#JaviBaez First Game At #Wrigley #Cubs

Invited to this game six months ago; never would’ve thought I’d get to sew Javier Baez’s first at bat and hit at Wrigley. Go Bears! Share

Let’s Go Bears-The Future

On the day we get to see the (partial) unveiling of the 2014 Chicago Bears, I am briefly mentioning the change to how I go about my hobby. Not that anyone cares or reads this anymore, but I had to have something to write in my new format. I created way back in 2000. […]

No More Injuries, Bears

It’s the time of year again when I see friends and family, that they ask me so, how about those Bears? And I’m posting today because I have said to people each and every time that “I am as excited as I can ever remember, but it all depends on injuries. We have to hope […]

Chicago Bears 2014 7-round mock draft

It’s that time of the year again. A lot of people across the country aren’t fans of the draft, and I can see their reasoning. Many say that it’s a total crapshoot and 80 percent of the players won’t ever make any sort of impact in the NFL. They’re right. But, it’s those guys that […]

Chicago Bears re-draft: 2012

After those three Jerry Angelo drafts, it’s easy to see why so many people celebrated his departure as Bears’ general manager. In came Phil Emery, who many thought was just a “yes-man” to Ted Phillips, Lovie Smith and the McCaskey family. However, Emery has proven himself to be an extremely bright, articulate man. He knows […]

Chicago Bears re-draft: 2011

In Jerry Angelo’s last draft as Bears general manager, he had a chance to make the Bears a significantly better team. This was the draft right after the Bears lost to Green Bay in the NFC Championship game, and many thought they were just a solid offensive line away from contending once more. I would […]

Chicago Bears re-draft: 2010

Yesterday’s 2009 re-draft was rather depressing, but the 2010 re-draft will leave a Bears fan so much angrier. To be honest, this draft ended up being one of the deepest ever. As one will be able to see rather easily, there were Pro-Bowl players that fell far into day three. 3 (75). Jimmy Graham, TE, […]

Chicago Bears re-draft: 2009

It’s always easy to look back as a fan at your favorite team’s draft history and think “what if?” Today, and for the next three days as I look back on the Bears’ last four drafts, I will be that fan. It should be known that this is all for fun and that no team […]

Thanks, Devin

I’m wearing my Devin Hester Super Bowl 41 jersey today, and am a little sad. On Thursday, the Bears announced they will not be re-signing the future Hall of Fame kick returner. He leaves the Bears tied for the most return touchdowns in NFL history. I plunked down money I don’t have for the jersey […]