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Opening Day #Bears Tickets


Funny, Ironic or Sad #Ratliff #Cutler

Is it funny, ironic or sad that #Jeremiah Ratliff is pictured on the tickets for one of the three games he’s suspended? Or that #JayCutler and his 1-11 record against #GreenBay? Nice job, marketing dept. Share

Doug Buffone, 1944-2015

I was shocked to hear after work today of the passing of legendary Chicago Bears linebacker Doug Buffone. Buffone played for the Bears from 1966-1979, during the tenures of five different head coaches (which I believe must be a Bears record), and played in the third most games of any player in Bears history. More […]

#Bears Hire Ryan Pace as GM

Surprise, I was totally wrong about the #ChicagoBears choice for GM, #RyanPace. Here we go… Share

Most Disappointing #Bears Season Since?

Unfortunately life being life, everyone has some bad things going on at times they have to endure. Nobody wants to have to deal with them, but we all do. Is it odd to say that the bad or challenging things I am currently facing have a bright side? Bright side being it makes me care […]

#Bears #Emery Three Years In

The #Bears hired Phil Emery prior to the 2012 season to "close the talent gap between the #Bears and teams like the #Packers and #Lions." Has he succeeded or even made progress? Given that each and every time the Bears play Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers looks like he’s playing against a pop warner team? [attach […]

Let’s Go #Bears Beat Pack 2014

Hear callers to radio shows this morning writing off the #Packers. What’s this I hear about #Rodgers girlfriend? Should be a good game, would be a huge win for #Chicago #GoBears! Share

Anyone have any hope for the #Bears tonight?

Four offensive starters out. #49ers opening their new stadium. Opponents have a physical running game and the #Bears consistently play like they have eight men on defense. Anyone have any optimism? Share

Beautiful day, horrible #Bears loss

Wouldn’t even know where to start. Awesome game day. Pathetic performance on the field #Bears. Share

#ChicagoBears Questions, any Answers?

We got nothing, and we have to like it. All of a sudden, I face these questions. Anyone have any answers? – Are Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs washed up? – I know Jared Allen didn’t play, but is the defensive line, with about $30 million in new money invested, going to be any better […]